Michael Rogers, Director of Department of Transportation


Michael Rogers is the new Director of Transportation for the City of Dallas.  He has joined the City of Dallas to help advance the city's mission of providing safe, effective and efficient mobility improvements and enhancements for the citizens of the City of Dallas.  Moreover, he is charged with implementing a Strategic Mobility Plan that will help bring together the many transportation plans that exist in the area into a single multi-modal plan that will provide much needed transportation services and enhancements to the city and region.

Michael Rogers has nearly 27 years of transportation experience and previously served as Director of Transportation for the City of Raleigh, North Carolina while there was responsible for the successful passage of the $2.38B Wake County Transit bond, as Public Works Director for the City of Peoria, Illinois Mr. Rogers was responsible for the successful negotiations with the USEPA for a 1st in the nation 100% green infrastructure solution to its longstanding Combined Sewer Overflow consent decree , and as Assistant Director of Public Works for the City of San Antonio, Texas he helped deliver the $700M Infrastructure bond. He also has gained numerous years of transportation experience working in the private sector as well as with the Michigan Department of Transportation, starting his career working on Intelligent Transportation Systems and autonomous vehicles in the early 1990's.  

Michael Rogers earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Engineering from Lawrence Technological University in Michigan and a Masters of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Michigan State University. 

Department of Transportation Organization Overview

Director Michael Rogers, Department Overview Presentation