Dockless Vehicle Program

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On Thursday, October 15, 2020, the Department of Transportation held a public hearing regarding proposed rule changes to the Dockless Vehicle Ordinance. Below are the proposed rule changes and the PowerPoint from the Public Hearing. 

You may email your written comments to by Friday, October 30, 2020 for inclusion in the Department of Transportation's review of the proposed rule changes.
Please include name, email address, phone number, and the name of the company or organization you represent (if applicable). 

Proposed Rule Changes

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Dockless Vehicles - Bike and Scooter Share

In March 2020, the Dallas City Council updated the Dockless Vehicle Ordinance. The  ordinance allows the City to permit dockless vehicle companies to operate within the city limits. It also ensures that the companies practice ethical standards as they expand mobility options.

What are Dockless Vehicles?

Dockless vehicles are bicycles and scooters that do not use stations like the traditional systems in Fort Worth, Chicago or New York City. Dockless vehicles can be found through GPS locators on a smart phone app. The bikes lock themselves by clamping the back wheel, allowing the bikes to be widely available. Scooters do not have the rear lock, but can be activated through the app.

How do Dockless Vehicles Work?

  1. Download the company's app (available on iPhone and Android devices)
  2. Use the company's app to find and unlock a bike or scooter near you
  3. Park and relock your bike or scooter when you finish your ride

Bikes and scooters can be ridden on streets and sidewalks except within the area outlined in blue on the map. Scooters can be ridden on streets with a speed limit of 35 m.p.h. or less. Scooters cannot be ridden on multi-use trails such as the Katy Trail and Santa Fe Trail, or in parks, because motorized vehicles are prohibited to be operated on trails and in parks.

Where can I park my bike or scooter when I finish my ride?

Park your bike in a location that does not impede the pedestrian walkway and is within the City's right-of-way. Bikes and scooters should be parked upright on a solid surface and cannot block:

  • bus stops
  • loading zones
  • accessible parking zones
  • curb ramps
  • driveways
  • the pedestrian path on sidewalks

Do not park your dockless vehicle in a roadway travel lane, or on private property unless permission is receieved by owner. Learn more about parking dockless vehicles here.

Whom do I contact with questions or comments?

If a dockless vehicle is improperly parked or needs maintenance, contact the following companies:

Bird: 1-866-205-2442 |

Jump: (bike) 1-833-300-6106 | (scooter) 1-844-505-9155

Lime: 1-888-546-3345 |

Ojo: 1-877-557-1053

Wheels 1-888-240-7120 |

The company must move an improperly parked bike or scooter within two hours of notification during weekdays and twelve hours on evenings, weekends, and holidays. Concerns can be reported to Dallas 311 through the Our Dallas smartphone app or dial 3-1-1 ( 214-670-3111).

For information on bicycle safety, please visit the U.S. Department of Transportation National Highway Traffic Safety Administration website.

Dockless Vehicle Permitting

Companies that are interested in applying for a permit must submit the three documents below. For questions, please contact Jessica Scott at

Dockless Vehicle Permit Application

City of Dallas Bonding Requirements

City of Dallas Dockless Vehicle Performance Bond