Parking and Red Light Camera Programs

Automated Red Light Camera Enforcement Program

The Automated Red Light Camera Enforcement program works to improve public safety through increased enforcement of red light laws and  increased public awareness of the dangers of red light running

Parking Management  and Enforcement Program

Parking Management and Enforcement

320 E. Jefferson Blvd., Room 212

Dallas,  Texas 75203

(214) 948-5346


Parking Management is responsible for metered parking, parking lots, parking permits, and parking citation processing.

Parking Enforcement  aims to promote safe communities through education and regulation of on-street and neighborhood parking including regulation of valet operations.  Parking Enforcement Officers provide for the safety of citizens living and working in neighborhoods throughout the City of Dallas through enforcement of parking codes and ordinances.

To report a parking violation  contact 3-1-1.  Please have ready: 1) the type of parking violation, (2) location of violation, (3) license plate number of vehicle in violation, (4) description of the vehicle in violation, and (5) whether the violation is occurring on public or private property.

Parking Permits and Licenses 

Parking Tickets

Contact the Parking Ticket Customer Service Center at 1-866-247-1951, Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. thru 5:00 p.m. or go to

Booted, Towed, or Impounded Vehicles

Private parking lot owners are allowed to place boots on patron's vehicles for non-payment. Contact the parking company to have the boot removed.

Boot or Tow dispute  - Contact 3-1-1 or for more information  go to Transportation Regulation.

Call 3-1-1 to find out if your vehicle was towed

Parking Meters and Lots

Parking Locations