Parking Management

Parking management is responsible for metered parking, parking lots, parking permits, and parking citation processing. Parking enforcement promotes safe communities through education and regulation of on-street and neighborhood parking, which includes regulation of valet operations. Parking enforcement officers provide safety for citizens living and working in Dallas neighborhoods by enforcing parking codes and ordinances.

To report a parking violation, call Dallas 3-1-1 at (214) 670-3111. The report must include the type of parking violation, the location of the violation, the license plate number of vehicle in violation, the description of the vehicle in violation, and details if violation is occurring on public or private property.

The Parking Management and Enforcement
Oak Cliff Municipal Center
​320 East Jefferson Blvd., Suite 212, Dallas, TX 75203
​(214) 948-5346 |

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General Parking Inquiries

For information about motor vehicle regulations, traffic stopping, and standing, click here for the City of Dallas Code of Ordinance Volume I, Chapter 28, Article XI.