Dallas Department of Transportation

Our Mission

To provide a safe inclusive transportation system for the City of Dallas through equity, empathy, ethics, and excellence.

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Transportation is considered an essential service in the City of Dallas. The Dallas Department of Transportation (DDOT), is taking preventative measures to ensure the safety and health of residents by minimizing the spread of COVID-19.

DDOT is actively assisting the Office of Emergency Management in providing wayfinding signs and dynamic message boards to direct traffic at the COVID-19 testing sites and vaccination hubs.

DDOT is responding to all City needs regarding traffic signals, traffic signs, traffic markings, and street lighting. Parking Enforcement team ensures thoroughfares are not obstructed to allow safe traffic flow, especially for response crews. Emergency dispatch crews are currently in active response mode.

Additionally, DDOT has a screening protocol to ensure employee safety. As team members arrive at the work facility, they are screened for fever and asked questions about common symptoms associated with COVID-19 before entering. Shifts have staggered entry and exit times to reduce the risk of transmission and all employees are required to wear masks inside the buildings when they cannot be socially distant or are in the same room as another individual.