​Welcome to the Department of Transportation


The Department of Transportation is responsible for providing safe, effective, and efficient mobility improvements and enhancements for the City of Dallas roadways.

The department designs, the City's roadways, mobility plans, bicycle program, traffic signals, traffic control devices, street lights, automated red light camera enforcement, and parking programs.


To provide a safe inclusive Transportation System for the City of Dallas Through Equity, Empathy, Ethics, and Excellence.

Department Highlights

Bike and Scooter Safety PSA: Game On!

 This newly released PSA takes you through a Bike and Scooter Race complete with three levels – Cycling 101, Rules of the Road, and Driver Safety – to visually depict some common misconceptions related to biking and riding scooters in the City. Competitors earn points based off the right or wrong action taken for these safety rules and are ultimately encouraged to get out and enjoy the City, something the Department of Transportation values greatly.




Department of Transportation Organization Overview

Director Michael Rogers, Department Overview Presentation