​Connect Dallas

​Driving Principles

Connect Dallas is rooted in six driving principles that will guide the plan’s development. These principles, selected by Dallas City Council and Department of Transportation staff, will be used to measure the effectiveness and appropriateness of plan recommendations and ultimately to develop the final mobility strategy. The principles identify key areas of community life that are inextricably linked to mobility and that should be advanced through thoughtful transportation investments. 

​​ Economic Vitality: Integrate transportation investments with land use and economic priorities to improve quality of life. 
Housing: Support the creation of affordable and varied housing options that meet the City’s growing needs. 
Innovation: Leverage existing and emerging technologies to meet 21st century challenges. 
Environmental Sustainability: Provide a variety of travel options to encourage residents to travel by transit, biking, or walking. 

Equity: Provide safe, affordable, access to opportunities for all City residents. 
Safety: Improve safety for all modes of transportation.