Dallas Bikeway System

​Driving Etiquette

​​​How to Drive with Bikes

Bicyclists have legal access to the roadway and must obey stop signs, traffic lights, traffic laws and signs.

Special care must be used near bicyclists because any accident with them will probably result in serious injury.

Automobile drivers should leave safe passing room. If you are not sure you have enough room to pass, don't.

When turning, allow enough room so the bicyclist is not in danger of being hit.

Bicyclists can legally move to the left lane to turn left, pass another vehicle or bicycle, or avoid debris or parked cars.

Bicyclists may have to swerve to avoid a car door suddenly opening, glass, storm grates, dogs and other hazards on the road.

When the lane is too narrow to pass a bicyclist safely, wait until the next lane is clear and give the bicyclist all the rights of any other slow moving vehicle.

A motorist parked at a curb must not open a door on the traffic side of a vehicle without looking for other vehicles, including bicycles or motorcycles.

Bicycle riders may give right turn signals with their right arm held straight out or pointing right. Bicycles are small and sometimes drivers do not see them.

Do not honk at bicyclists. Loud noise may startle the bicyclist and cause them to move into the lane of traffic.