Dallas Bikeway System

Bikeway System Facilities

​​Shared Lanes

​Shared lane markings are pavement markings that are placed within the vehicular travel lane of the roadway. Unlike bicycle lanes, they do not designate a particular part of the roadway for the exclusive use of bicyclists. Shared lane markings indicate the location where bicyclists should operate within the travel lane. The bicycle markings include two chevrons over a bicycle pointing in the direction of vehicle travel to indicate that bicyclists should ride in this direction. The markings may be placed within travel lanes of any width on roadways posted at 35 mph or below.


  • Provides a visible cue that bicycles are expected on the roadway
  • Indicates the appropriate location to ride on the roadway with moving traffic and parked cars 
  • Used on roadways that do not have enough space for dedicated bicycle lanes 
  • Connects the gaps between other bicycle facilities, such as a narrow section of roadway between road segments with bicycle lanes
  • Used on roadway segments in lieu of bicycle lanes where bicyclists may operate at higher than normal (12-14 mph) speeds due to downhill grades adjacent to parked vehicles

N. Bishop AvenueImage from BACTO Urban Bikeway Design Guide