Traffic Calming

Neighborhood Traffic Management Program


The City of Dallas established a Neighborhood Traffic Management Program (NTMP) to provide a clear structure for addressing traffic calming concerns. The program is a joint effort between the residents and the City to improve safety in Dallas neighborhoods by selecting the appropriate method of traffic management.

The NTMP addresses excessive speed, pedestrian and bicycle safety, cut-through traffic, crashes, and quality of life issues. All Dallas neighborhoods are unique and the critical issues vary from case to case. Traffic calming involves physical alterations to road geometry to reduce vehicle speeds and decrease cut-through traffic volume to improve safety for all users. When streets are safe the quality of life is enhanced, whether you walk, bike or drive.

Traffic Calming Objectives:

  • achieve slow speeds for motor vehicles
  • reduce collision frequency and severity
  • increase safety for non-motorized users of the street(s)
  • reduce the need for police enforcement
  • enhance the street environment (e.g., streetscaping)
  • encourage water infiltration into the ground
  • increase access to all modes of transportation
  • reduce cut-through motor vehicle traffic