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Dallas Water Utilities held a virtual public meeting to present the 2024 Long Range Water Supply Plan on Wednesday, June 26, at 6:30 p.m.  A link to the presentation and to the video of the meeting are below.  DWU would like to invite you to comment on the proposed plan online through our electronic survey  or by mail.

Link to the June 26 public meeting video

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Please click here to use the electronic survey between June 26  and the close of the comment period on August 9, 2024. 

Comments may also be sent by mail to the following address: 

Dallas Water Utilities, ATTN: Planning Division
1500 Marilla St, Room 4AS 
Dallas, TX 75201

Learn more about the 2024 Long Range Water Supply Plan

As  the drinking water provider for the City of Dallas and wholesale customers, Dallas Water Utilities must ensure that there is an adequate supply of water to support the needs of the region's growing population. The Dallas City Council authorized the development of the 2024 Long Range Water Supply Plan (LRWSP) on November 9, 2022. 

Changed conditions since the development of the city's 2014 LRWSP have led to the need for the update. These changed conditions include population increases identified in the 2020 Census, in both the city and in wholesale customers, the influence of maximum twice weekly watering and other water conservation measures on water demands, and the impact of climate change and sedimentation on existing supplies.   

Population projections for the city and its wholesale customers have been developed from 2030 to 2080. Utilizing the updated population projections, water demand projections have been prepared. Taking into consideration sedimentation and the effect of climate change on Dallas' existing supplies, a forecast of currently connected water supplies has been made.  By comparing the projected demands with the current supply forecast, the long-range water supply needs have been developed.

The next steps are to identify and evaluate the potential supplies to meet the long-range water supply needs, prepare a list of recommended water management strategies and alternate strategies, identify transmission and treatment facilities needed to meet demand, and recommend a plan of action that would allow the City of Dallas to provide for the needs of its customers to the year 2080.

In addition to the June 26 public meeting and the 45-day public comment period ending August 9, Dallas Water Utilities staff will brief the the City Council's  Transportation and Infrastructure Committee on September 16. The full council will consider the LRWSP on October 8.

Once adopted, the LRWSP will be submitted to the Texas Region C Water Planning Group and will be incorporated into the 2026 Region C Water Plan and the 2027 State Water Plan.