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Registration for the 2020 Branch Out Dallas program will open on September 1, 2020.  Stay tuned for details on the 2020 Branch Out Dallas program.

The  Branch Out Dallas program was started as an effort to reduce the Heat Island Effect and to increase the overall tree canopy in the City. Each tree planted helps the City get closer to meeting these goals. Trees benefit everyone by cooling temperatures and improving air quality. Homeowners who plant a tree in their yard benefit by saving energy, cooling the air and the trees also provide shade.  

Branch Out Dallas supports City-wide initiatives.  

  • Trees improve air quality and help filter stormwater and urban runoff  
  • Homeowners can replace damaged or aging trees 
  • Increase overall tree canopy City-wide 
  • Trees improve quality of life 
  • Public Education on green initiatives 
  • The program supports Neighborhood Beautification Programs 
  • Provides opportunities for City staff and communities to interact       

If you have any questions regarding Branch Out Dallas send inquries to BranchOutDallas@dallascityhall.com