Water Utilities

Residential Water Charges Calculator


Estimate water monthly charges based on the amount of gallons you expect to consume for the month and the meter size.​​

Disclaimer: This online calculator is for estimating the residential water charges only, based on a 30-day billing cycle. Sewer, sanitation and storm water charges are not included. Your actual residential water charges may vary depending on any rate changes and the length of the billing cycle. For rate information visit dwurates.com​. For questions or comments, please email us at waterspecialtyunit@dallascityhall.com​.

Instructions: ​Provide the information requested below. Your water usage and meter size can be found on your utility invoice. Some accounts have more than one meter. For those accounts with multiple meters, you will need to run the calculator for each meter.

Example: If you want to estimate the cost of 5,000 gallons of water, enter 50 in the designated space; if you want to estimate 10,000 gallons, enter 100. The most common residential meter size is 5/8​.


*Estimation Details Below

Estimation Details

  Usage (In Gallons) Usage Charge
Tier 1 (0-4000): 0 $0.00
Tier 2 (4001-10000): 0 $0.00
Tier 3 (10001-20000): 0 $0.00
Tier 4 (20001-30000): 0 $0.00
Tier 5 (>30000): 0 $0.00
  0 $0.00
Usage Charge   $0.00
Base Charge   $0.00
Total Estimated Water Charges   $0.00