Water Utilities

Request Emergency Services​​

​Emergency Services Information​​​

Emergency services are available 24 hours a day. If calling within City of Dallas  city limits call 311, or 214​-670-5111 when dialing outside of city limits.

To report or request:

  • a water main break
  • a meter leak
  • a fire hydrant leak
  • clogged or overflowing wastewater main
  • emergency water turn off 

    Information on turning off your water:

    A private cut-off valve should turn off the water flow to the house. Most homes have a private cut-off valve that is typically located:

    • Near an outside faucet and close to the house.
    • If there is an in ground irrigation system the private cut-off valve may be near the irrigation system valve, typically close to the property line.
    • Older homes may have the private cut-off valve buried in the ground. A quarter-inch piece of iron with a 90-degree angle protrudes from the buried valve and serves as a handle. The iron piece looks like an upside down "L" and turning the handle will stop the water flow to the home.

Be Prepared! Locate your private cut-off valve on the property before an emergency situation arises.  If there is not a private cut-off valve on the property consider installing one. For emergency assistance in turning your water off at the meter, you can reach Dallas Water Utilities 24 hours a day by calling 311.