Water Utilities

​Special Collections

​Special Collections is responsible for the billing and collection of multiple general fund revenues including hotel occupancy tax, security alarm permits, land based receivables (civil penalties, demolitions, secured closures, weed liens), vice-controlled licenses (sexually oriented businesses, dance halls, billiard halls, amusement centers, coin operated machines), multi-tenant registrations and inspections, beer/liquor licenses and others.

Alarm Registrations

Burglar/Security Alarm Permit


Amusement Center License
Alcoholic Beverages
Billiard Hall License
Coin Operated Machines
Dance Hall License
Liquor License
Motor Vehicle Escort License
Precious Metal Vendor
Sexually Oriented Business License


Fire Prevention Permits
Swimming Pool Permit


Paving Assessment



  • Terry S. Lowery | Department Director
  • Dallas City Hall
    1500 Marilla St.,
    Room 4A North
    Dallas, Texas 75201
    Phone: (214) 670-3146