Dallas SAP Solution Center

​SAP Security Role Redesign Complete

There are more than 1300 SAP roles in the City of Dallas

The SAP Solution Center recently completed the security role redesign project for 1300 SAP roles through the City of Dallas. The security role redesign will allow greater user access control and enhanced operations and regulatory compliance.  The redesign also enables scalability to match business needs.

Deloitte Consulting, in conjunction with the City of Dallas’ Business Consulting Division and Communications and Information Services (CIS), conducted workshops with City departments to gather requirements for transaction mapping and organization structure to launch the SAP role design initiative.

“The Security Role Redesign project was a total team effort with CIS, Dallas Water Utilities and Deloitte,” said Danny Roberts, Senior IT Manager for the City. “This project aligns SAP security access with job functions.” 
“From a technical standpoint, we approached this project from a ‘build and test’ framework, said Amol Mudhale, Senior Manager at Deloitte. “This allowed us to successfully integrate the new roles in the SAP landscape. Collaboration between all the parties was key and it enabled successful implementation of this project.”