Dallas SAP Solution Center

​SAP Business Consulting Division

The SAP Business Consulting Divison funtions as a "center of excellence" for the City's SAP Application.

About Us

The SAP Business Consulting Division (BCD), a division of Dallas Water Utilities (DWU), provides ongoing business analysis and support, training delivery, contract monitoring and communications for City departments that use SAP.  BCD is part of the SAP Solution Center, which functions as a "center of excellence" for the City's SAP Application.   The SAP Solution Center consist of a team of DWU, Communications and Information Service (CIS) employees that work in conjunction with Deloitte Consulting, who provides managed and hosted infrastructure services.

Business Analysis & Support

The Business Analysis and Support team assists end-users, technical analysts and consultants that manage the analysis, design, configuration, testing and maintenance of systems to ensure optimal operational performance of SAP and ancillary systems utilized by the City of Dallas.

Data Management

Our Data Management professionals focus on report development and the integrity of the business and technical master data.  Their services cover business intelligence, records retention, ad hoc reporting, data analysis and configuration.


The Learn, Teach, and Innovate (LTI) Training team are experts in SAP training delivery, UPerform, a content development and delivery platform, and Adobe Captivate.  The team trains DWU customer service agents on Water Customer Service, and provide on-demand training on SAP Basic Navigation, Business Intelligence, SAP functional modules, business processes across 14 departments within DWU. The Training Team also maintains a self-help repository of over 1,300 role-based and transactional work instructions. In addition, the training team is responsible for SAP user access, security, license usage and compiling data for Open Record Requests. 


The Communications role is responsible for developing the SAP Solution Center communication strategy.  delivering communications for new releases, content for the SAP website, advisories, upcoming change requests, incident management releases and all other communication needs.

Contract Management

Contract Management functions as a customer user relationship team, that monitors and maintains vendor relationship for contracts associated with the SAP Solution Center.  They oversee contracts for terms and conditions, compliance, renewals, costs, vendor relationships budget impact and performance.

Departments that currently use SAP in the City of Dallas include:

  • Dallas Water Utilities
  • Aviation
  • Code Compliance Services
  • Strategic Customer Service (311)
  • Dallas Fire-Rescue
  • Economic Development
  • Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization
  • Sanitation
  • Sustainable Development and Construction
  • City Attorney's Office
  • Office of Financial Services
  • Dallas Police Department
  • Computer and Information Services
  • Office of Environmental Quality and Sustainability
  • City Controller's Office