Stormwater Operations

​​Stormwater Management

Stormwater Management promotes stewardship of the lakes, creeks and the Trinity River through Dallas, and works to maintain regulatory compliance with applicable federal, state and local stormwater regulations. The division performs regular water quality monitoring and inspects Dallas construction sites and industrial facilities to confirm and enforce related permit compliance.

Keeping Stormwater Clean Is Important.  Help us protect it.  Follow these Pavement Washing Tips.

Stormwater Monthly Payment Rates (PDF)

Dallas' Stormwater Management Permit Renewal

The City of Dallas is permitted by the State of Texas to discharge from the storm sewer system into local creeks, streams, lakes and the Trinity River. That permit has been recently renewed.  You can see what the City is doing to try to prevent pollution of the permitted discharge (the City Stormwater Management Program or "SWMP") by viewing the annual report. If you have any questions, please send your comments to