Office of Welcoming Communities and Immigrant Affairs

​​​​What We Do

DallasWCIA seeks to bridge the space between newcomers and existing Dallas residents, to find common ground, to foster informed understanding and to promote shared leadership.​​​​​


WCIA works closely with other city departments​ to disseminate educational information regarding community safety. WCIA builds relationships and trust between immigrants and many types of safety and first responders, such as the Dallas Police Department, the Dallas Fire Department, and other emergency care personnel. WCIA will establish Welcoming Hubs where Dallas’ diverse residents can partake of instructional and recreational opportunities for themselves and their children.  WCIA collaborates with other public and community partners to maintain ongoing communication with municipal, state and federal agencies regarding policies impacting immigrants and refugees in Dallas.


Dallas is a welcoming city for all its residents, businesses, students and visitors.  With the participation and input of a broad swath of Dallas residents and immigrants and refugees themselves, WCIA will develop a Dallas Welcoming Plan that will guide its immigrant integration and inclusion work. The Welcoming Plan will include strategies for bringing immigrants and refugees into shared leadership in the City of Dallas.  WCIA collaborates with City of Dallas Protocol Office engage with foreign consulates and guests to raise awareness about Dallas’ welcoming efforts. 


There are an estimated 129,000 residents eligible to apply for naturalization in Dallas. WCIA will undertake a city-wide, MyDallas Citizenship Campaign, to promote awareness about the benefits and responsibilities of U.S. citizenship. Working together with partnering community organizations WCIA will to offer free large scale naturalization application workshops. In conjunction with the Dallas Public Library, WCIA is developing citizenship information hubs in all Dallas branch libraries to serve as ongoing resources for families and individuals to educate themselves and their communities about citizenship, civic engagement and volunteerism. WCIA connects immigrants and other residents in common-purpose volunteer opportunities and seeks to increase the involvement of immigrant and refugees in city taskforces and committees. WCIA is working on efforts to prepare for the 2020 Census. 


Building on the City of Dallas’ ethos of excellence, ethics, empathy and equity, WCIA works to ensure that existing and proposed policies simplify and increase immigrant access to City services.  WCIA works with other city departments to ensure that immigrants and refugees are aware of and have access to all City of Dallas services. WCIA works closely with Dallas City Hall On the Go and 311 to promote awareness of the service and to increase utilization by diverse communities. 


Dallas WCIA will create new partnerships to integrate immigrants into the economy in ways that significantly benefit Dallas’ long-term economic growth.  As Dallas is an international business hub, WCIA collaborates with the business, philanthropic and academic community to create and support economic opportunities for immigrants and refugees in Dallas.  WCIA works across city departments to develop work force training, greater job access and to educate employers and employees about workers’ rights and resources for immigrants. WCIA will work with the department of Economic Development to research opportunities for small business and entrepreneurial development and to disseminate information on the City’s EB-5 program for immigrant investors.  WCIA will bring together a diverse group of community collaborators to study and understand the data demonstrating immigrant contributions to the economy and, thereafter develop and implement a plan that harnesses those contributions. 

See Dallas365's Quarterly Report for more information on our community engagement.