Email Contacts for the Mayor and City Council

Email the Mayor and ALL the Councilmembers at one time.

Special Notice:  email forms for the new city councilmembers will be coming soon.

Click on any of the names below to send an INDIVIDUAL e-mail:

Mayor: Mike Rawlings
Mayor Pro Tem/District 8: Tennell Atkins
Deputy Mayor Pro Tem/District 6: Monica R. Alonzo
District 1: Scott Griggs
District 2: Adam Medrano
District 3: Vonciel Jones Hill
District 4: Vacant
District 5: Rick Callahan
District 7: Carolyn R. Davis
District 9: Sheffie Kadane
District 10: Jerry R. Allen
District 11: Lee Kleinman
District 12: Sandy Greyson
District 13: Jennifer Staubach Gates
District 14: Philip T. Kingston