District 1

Council Member Chad West

Council Member Chad West has been serving District 1 residents on the Dallas City Council since June 2019.

In that time, he has proudly led Oak Cliff neighborhoods through a global pandemic, and recovery from a historic winter storm.

Mayor Pro Tem West's policy record from 2019 to present includes:

Public Safety:
- Supported fully funding the police while advocating for accountability in undocumented overtime
- Created the District 1 Public Safety Advisory Committee to give neighbors a voice on public safety issues
- Initiated traffic-calming measures to protect pedestrians and worked to reduce street racing and speeding

Small Business:
- Reopened antiquated parking code to consider new mobility alternatives
- Advocated for small business financial assistance to close the Paycheck Protection Program loan equity gap
- Created #WePPEinOC to provide much-needed personal protection equipment to small businesses

Homelessness and Housing:
- Issued 1,000 Unit Affordable Housing Challenge and launched the initiative to end veteran homelessness
- Advocated for an improved building permitting process for new and rehab development
- Passed Neighborhood Empowerment Zones and worked to make ADUs more accessible
- Voted to lower the property tax rate
- Voted to increase the senior citizen homestead exemption to $90,000.

Arts, Culture and Parks:
- Launched plan to reimagine the North Oak Cliff Library
- Worked on the expansion of Coombs Creek Trail expansion project and saves the Coombs Creek gnomes
- Supported equitable funding to expand the after-school arts programming for DISD students and funding for access passes for students to Dallas cultural and arts facilities
- Working to bring more parks and recreation improvements to District 1, including a new skate park

Transportation and Infrastructure
- Led creation and implementation of the citywide Parklet Program
- Vocal advocate and leader in expanding bicycle lanes and trails
- Initiated construction of pedestrian islands and other traffic-calming measures throughout District 1

Mayor Pro Tem West has lived in North Oak Cliff for nearly two decades. He's the son of a retired farmer and a teacher and principal. The U.S. Army sent him to college and eventually brought him to Texas in 1999, where he first served at Fort Sam Houston and later traveled overseas to Hungary and Bosnia. After completing his military tour, West was honorably discharged as a combat veteran and attended law school at Texas Tech School of Law, where he graduated with honors. 

Prior to his election to City Council, West served on the Dallas City Plan Commission from 2017 to 2018. On CPC, West was a key advocate for and drafter of ordinances for Live-Work, Accessory Dwelling Units and Inclusionary Zoning, all of which are currently being used by the City of Dallas today to create more rooftops for residents of all income levels.
West is a past representative (2012 and 2017) on the city's Bond Task Force, where he worked to secure funding for Oak Cliff streets, renovations at Kidd Springs Park and the expansion of the Coombs Creek Trail.

West is a small business owner and attorney. He opened his own law practice in 2010 in Oak Cliff and has won numerous awards for his legal advocacy. West also owns and operates express tunnel car washes in Oak Cliff, Cedar Hill, and Ennis, and has personally led zoning and construction efforts in his projects.

In 2010, West co-founded Oak Cliff's signature 5K and 10K charity race, the Dash for the Beads, which raises grant funds to support health, wellness and arts programming for local youth. In 2017, the Dash for the Beads committee also founded the Last Bag Standing corn hole tournament, which provides funding for local youth programming. In addition to his neighborhood advocacy, West is a dedicated supporter and advocate for the LGBTQ community in Dallas.

West and his family live in North Oak Cliff. He is an avid runner, fantasy, historical and science fiction reader, and Texas Tech football fan.