Center for Performance Excellence

​Center for Performance Excellence

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The Center for Performance Excellence (CPE) is a continuous improvement initiative commissioned by the City Manager, AC Gonzalez, in 2014. 

The work undertaken by the Center for Performance Excellence supports the City of Dallas’ overall mission: To enhance the vitality and quality of life for all in the Dallas Community as we work to achieve the organization’s vision: The City That Works: Diverse, Vibrant, and Progressive. 

In order to accomplish our stated purpose, the Center for Performance Excellence will build on past and current successes by: 
  • Fostering synergy through collaboration, rather than segments or siloes of internal efforts
  • Infusing new thoughts and ideas borrowed from private business and industry
  • “Daylighting” and sharing of innovations and be​st practices via use of a public-private advisory board
The Center will also serve as a tool for connecting employees to the organization’s mission, vision and values.