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​Lean Six Sigma Green Belt FAQs

​​What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a combination of two disciplined, data-driven approaches and methodologies for improving process performance. Lean focuses on dramatically improving flow in the value stream and eliminating waste resulting in improved efficiency and speed. Six Sigma focuses on eliminating undesired results and reducing variation in processes resulting in improved effectiveness.

Why is the City of Dallas implementing Lean Six Sigma?

The Center for Performance Excellence (CPE) is a continuous improvement initiative commissioned by City Manager, AC Gonzalez, in 2014. Lean Six Sigma is an important component of the CPE's quest to facilitate best-in-class levels of process performance across the City of Dallas organization.

What is a Green Belt?

A Green Belt is someone who works with project teams to apply basic Lean Six Sigma tools. Candidates who undergo Green Belt training learn teamwork and problem solving skills. They are taught to work with project teams to target and Define a problem, Measure and Analyze – objectively – a process as it is today, Improve that process, and put a Control plan in place to ensure the improvements stick. Normally a Green Belt will work under the coaching, mentorship, and guidance of a Black Belt or Master Black Belt. These individuals are highly trained and experienced in the use of the Lean Six Sigma toolset.

How many Green Belts will be trained this year?

Our target is to train 50 Green Belts in 2015, 25 per class in two waves.

When are the classes?

Green Belt training consists of four weeks of half-day classes scheduled approximately once per month. The first two waves are planned as follows:

                Wave 1                 Week 1                 June 1 – 5

                                             Week 2                 June 22 – 26

                                             Week 3                 July 20 – 24

                                             Week 4                 August 17 – 21

                Wave 2                 Week 1                 September 14 – 18

                                             Week 2                 October 5 – 9

                                              Week 3                 November 2 – 6

                                              Week 4                 December 7 – 11

There will be additional Green Belt classes scheduled in in the coming years.

Is Green Belt a full-time job?

No. Green Belts learn a new set of process improvement skills to apply as a part of their current job.

If I am not selected this year can I apply again next year?

Yes. The call for applications will follow a similar schedule next year. In the interim, Blue Belt training (a short Lean Six Sigma overview session) will be offered and those not going to Green Belt this year are encouraged to attend.

What is the deadline to apply?

The application period opens on April 7. Applications must be signed by a supervisor and then forwarded to your Director by April 24 for recommendation. Directors will then have until May 1 to send approved applications to Center for Performance Excellence (CPE).

Please note: individuals should not send their applications directly to CPE.