Center for Performance Excellence

Center for Performance Excellence

​Training Information (City of Dallas Employees only)

Green Belt TrainingLSS Green Belt.png

Are you interested in improving processes in your area?  Do you have a passion for making things work better and run more smoothly as a part of your current job? ​

Employ​ees will learn to facilitate a team to:
  • Define a project and develop a concise, focused charter
  • Measure and analyze the way things are running today by applying tools such as process mapping, root cause analysis, and statistics
  • Develop and implement a plan to improve process​ performance and deliver best value in the eyes of the customer
  • Control those improvements so they​ stay in place and become the new norm
The applicant's supervisor and Director must approve and sign applications by November 6​. Limited seats are available.

Yellow Belt Training2017 LSS Yellow Belt Logo.png

To provide all employees an opportunity to make suggestions, we are launching a new Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt training that is designed to give you the skills and knowledge to Define a project for recommendation.

Lean Six Sigma is a strategic business methodology that focuses on customer satisfaction, cost, quality, process speed and the elimination of waste in a process.

To enroll, the participant is required to have at least one potential improvement idea that will be defined during class as part of the training.  Prior Blue Belt training is not required.

Participants will learn:
  • Lean Six Sigma concepts
  • How to identify and develop a Project Charter
  • Process improvement tools such as 5S, Visual Management and others​

Blue Belt Training2017 LSS Blue Belt Logo.png

This class gives participants a basic awareness of the concepts, history and tools used in Lean Six Sigma.

Participants will learn:
  • What the seven wastes are in order to improve customer value
  • The meaning of Kaizen, 5S, and Visual Management
  • The five steps to create a discrete and cleanly finite project​​​

Contact Information

Brandon Johnson or Joseph Kunnath
LSS Master Black Belts