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The City of Dallas (Dallas) launched its Lean Six Sigma (LSS) program in 2015 by hiring a Master Black Belt and two Black Belts in CPE. The City of Dallas’s
Lean Six Sigma continuous improvement initiative is focused on improving services to both internal customers and the public by eliminating waste and delivering services more efficiently and effectively.

As of Summer 2017, the City of Dallas has two LSS Master Black Belts, who have trained 9% of the city workforce in Lean Six Sigma and project management.

Lean Six Sigma is a combination of two disciplined, data-driven approaches and methodologies for improving performance.  Lean focuses on dramatically improving flow in the value stream and eliminating waste resulting in improved efficiency and speed.  Six Sigma focuses on eliminating defects and reducing variation in processes resulting in improved effectiveness. A brief comparison of the processes appears below.

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​Through work activities related to LEAN and Six Sigma the City of Dallas will work to eliminate the seven areas of waste including:

  • Defects – Efforts caused by rework, scrap, and incorrect information
  • Overproduction – Production that is more than needed or before it is needed
  • Waiting – Wasted time waiting for the next step in a process
  • Transportation – Unnecessary movements of products & materials
  • Inventory – Excess products and materials not being processed
  • Motion – Unnecessary movements by people (e.g. walking)
  • Extra-Processing – More work or higher quality than is required by the customer

In addition to the overall cost savings, the City of Dallas anticipates additional benefits such as enhanced responsiveness for citizens and customers, improved organizational communications, a more motivate​d and empowered workforce, and an opportunity to differentiate ourselves in positive ways. 

Contact Information

Brandon Johnson or Joseph Kunnath
LSS Master Black Belts