Center for Performance Excellence

​Center for Performance Excellence

Welcome to Dallas Measures!

Dallas Measures is the City's performance measurement system. Defined broadly, performance measurement is the ongoing collection of data on program activities and accomplishments.  We measure progress towards the City's goals and objectives as one way to monitor how well we're doing our jobs and how we can do our jobs better.  We understand that "being busy" is not the same as producing results.

How is the information organized?  
The information you see is organized by the Key Focus Areas that the City Council has identified: 

  • Public Safety
  • Economic Vibrancy
  • Clean Healthy Environment
  • Culture, Arts, Recreation and Education
  • E-Gov

Each service tracks a variety of data to measure progress, and the most critical measures are reported both in the City's budget and in the Performance Measurement reports you see here.
Information is updated monthly.
How to Read Performance Measures Reports (pdf)
Online Briefing Books (reports)