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Citywide Strategic Plan​

​​​A Message from City Manager T.C.​ Broadnax​​

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The City of Dallas Strategic Plan for FY 2015 - FY 2017 is Dallas' multi-year plan and provides a blueprint for accomplishing goals for the next three years.

Through leadership of the Mayor and City Council, City staff strives to achieve progress in five Key Focus Areas (KFA): Public Safety; Economic Vibrancy; Clean, Healthy Environment; Culture, Arts, Recreation and Education, and E-Gov. The KFAs reflect the City's established priorities, narrates strategies and includes work plan items to accomplish objectives set by departments.

Big things happen he​re. Join us on our journey for creating a better Dallas!

 T.C. Broadnax​​ | City Manager​

​​ About the Strategic Plan

The City Manager and staff worked through several planning sessions to develop the FY15 – 17 Strategic Plan. This plan sets the course for the City of Dallas to ensure the City’s mission is accomplished. The Key Focus Areas (KFAs) for the City of Dallas​ also underwent revision and modernization.  We have reduced the number to five.  The new KFAs are:  

 These KFAs still allow the City to align its efforts and resources to accomplish goals and make positive progress for the citizens of Dallas.

 The Strategic Plan is laid out in the following way: