Center for Performance Excellence

​Center for Performance Excellence

​Working Group

​​​The working group is a city staff team that meets regulary to provide recommendations to executive team regarding current and ongoing continuous improvement efforts, as well as launch or implementation of new improvement initiatives.​​

Current Members:

  • Ryan S. Evans, 1st ACM
  • Eric D. Campbell, ACM
  • Jill A. Jord​​​an, ACM
  • Mark McDaniel, ACM
  • Joey Zapata, ACM
  • Jeanne Chipperfield, Ethics and Compliance​
  • Chief David O. Brown, DPD
  • Molly Carroll, HR
  • Peer Chacko, Planning and Urban Design
  • Chief David Coatney, DFR
  • David Cossum, SDC
  • Beverly Davis, F​HO
  • Mark Duebner, AVI
  • Bill Finch, CIS
  • Jennifer Scripps, OCA
  • Mike Frosch, BDPS
  • Rick Galceran, PBW
  • Jo Giudice, DPL
  • Chief Fernando Gray , DFR
  • Vanessa Gray, OED
  • Kelly High, SAN
  • Jack Ireland, OFS


  • Ron King, CES
  • Gloria Lopez Carter, CDS
  • William Madison, OE
  • Patricia M. Marsolais, CVS
  • Bernadette Mitchell, HCS
  • Theresa O'Donnell, Resiliency
  • Edward Scott, CCO
  • Alan E. Sims, Neighborhood Plus
  • Zeronda Smith, ORM
  • Sarah Standifer, TWM
  • Kris Sweckard, CCS
  • Sana Syed, PIO
  • Errick Thompson​, EBS
  • Rocky Vaz, OEM
  • Chief Villarreal, DPD
  • ​Dennis Ware, DTS
  • Brett Wilkinson, IGS
  • ​Willis Winters, PKR
  • Margaret Wright, 311
  • Karl Zavitkovsky, ED