City Manager

​Citywide Strategic Plan

Culture, Arts, Recreation and Education Strategic Objective | 4.3 By September 2017, increase overall CARE service utilitization by 10%

Work Plan Items​

  • ​Expand partnerships with artists, cultural organizations, and community providers
  • Attract visitors for year round activities at Fair Park
  • Promote Downtown and other Dallas entertainment areas as a destination points
  • Facilitate Athletic Complex development at Cadillac Heights
  • Explore additional sporting opportunities i.e. aquatic sports
  • Gather community input on CARE services
  • Review multi-year funding strategies in FY 14 and improve dedicated non-profit support groups
  • Use technological enhancements to expand CARE utilization
  • Continue MyFi program while developing sustainable partnerships
  • Research and identify long-term funding mechanisms for CARE services
  • Continue neighborhood tours
  • Promote outdoor cultural activities
  • Research alternative opportunities to provide artist work spaces, including reuse of vacant commercial spaces
  • Strengthen external contributions through non-profit support groups
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