City Manager

​​Employee Recognition Program​​

The Wall of Honor will display written commendations received from the public about the outstanding work of individual employees.
  • Location:City Hall First Floor Lobby, Oak Cliff Municipal Center

Living Legends honors will be bestowed upon employees who have provided 25 or more years of dedicated public service to the people of Dallas.

  • Location: City Manager's Office

Achievements, awards, plaques and trophies awarded to the city by local, county, state, and national organizations will be housed in the Great Milestones collection.

  • Location: City Hall First Floor Lobby

Teams and groups of employees, who provide "behind the scenes" service to internal departments, rather than direct service to the public, could be considered for the Unsung City Stars award.

  • Location: Dallas City Hall (1500 Marilla), Main Lobby (by the Plaza Entrance)​