City Manager

​​Citywide Strategic Plan​

A Message from City Manager T.C.​ Broadnax​

The City of Dallas Strategic Plan for FY 2015 - FY 2017 is Dallas' multi-year plan and provides a blueprint for accomplishing goals for the next three years.

Through leadership of the Mayor and City Council, City staff strives to achieve progress in five Key Focus Areas (KFA): Public Safety; Economic Vibrancy; Clean, Healthy Environment; Culture, Arts, Recreation and Education, and E-Gov. The KFAs reflect the City's established priorities, narrates strategies and includes work plan items to accomplish objectives set by departments.

Big things happen he​re. Join us on our journey for creating a better Dallas!

 T.C.​ Broadnax​ | City Manager​

​​ About the Strategic Plan

The City Manager and staff worked through several planning sessions to develop the FY15 – 17 Strategic Plan. This plan sets the course for the City of Dallas to ensure the City’s mission is accomplished. The Key Focus Areas (KFAs) for the City of Dallas​ also underwent revision and modernization.  We have reduced the number to five.  The new KFAs are:  

  • Public Safety
  • Economic Vib​rancy​
  • Clean, Healthy Environment​
  • Culture, Arts, Recreation and Education​
  • E-​Gov​​​

 These KFAs still allow the City to align its efforts and res​ources to accomplish goals and make positive progress for the citizens of Dallas.

 The Strategic Plan is laid out in the following way: