City Mayor


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Office of Mayor Michael S. Rawlings
1500 Marilla St., 5EN Dallas, TX 75201
Office 214.670.3301  Fax 214.670.0646
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​P​olicy, ​Media & Communications

Scott Goldstein

Chief of Policy & Communications

  • Media Requests, City Council matters, Trinity River Project, Domestic Violence & LGBT Issues

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Patricia Blasquez

Policy & Communications Coordinator​​

  • Media Requests,  City Council meetings,  Arts and Culture​,  Immigration and Refugee matters ​​& Social Media

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Community Relations & Initiatives

Vana Hammond

Chief of Community Relations & GrowSouth

  • GrowSouth & Community Outreach

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Constituent Services​

Danelle Conley

Administrative Assistant

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Open Records Request

Requests must be submitted in writing here​.


If you​ would like to request a meeting with the Mayor or invite him to an event, please submit your request ​ here.

Request a City Service

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