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Zoning Board of Adjustment 

 The Board of Adjustment (BDA) is a fifteen-member citizen board divided into three, five-member panels appointed by the City Council to hear and take appropriate action on variations to Development Code regulations, on appeal from decisions of the Building Official made in the enforcement of the Development Code and on termination of non-conforming uses. Staff will review the variance on request and make recommendations to the BDA prior to the hearing.

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Jennifer Munoz
Chief Planner/Board Administrator
1500 Marilla 5BN
(214) 670-4208

LaTonia Jackson
Board Secretary
1500 Marilla 5BN
(214) 670-4545

The Board will receive faxes at 214-670-4210.​

Speakers must pre-register to speak at the Board of Adjustment hearings.  The deadlines to register for the January 19 - 20, 2021,  Board of Adjustment hearings  are listed in the table below.  Click the speaker registration links to register to speak for each Panel.

​Panel ​Registration Deadline​Webex Access
​Panel C
​Panel A​Monday, January 18th by 5:00 PM
​Panel B​Tuesday, January 19th by 5:00 PM


​​​​​​​2021 Dockets and Minutes

January 19, 2021 - Panel A
January 20, 2021 - Panel B

Archived Agendas and Minutes