Dallas 311

311 Customer Service Center Management

Chance, Derrick

Derrick Chance, a veteran of the United States Air Force, began his career with the City of Dallas in 1998 serving as an Accounting Clerk in the Department of Taxation and Revenue.  During his tenure with the City of Dallas, Chance has been responsible for budget development and administration, procurements, contract and regulatory compliance, interagency coordination, public education campaigns, and human capital management.  Chance has overseen several high-profile projects for the City of Dallas, like “Project Exodus” assisting displaced victims of Hurricane Katrina, Street Services’ ISO Quality, Safety, and Environmental certifications, and Snow and Ice Response Team (SIR) service delivery.  Chance also has experience with the creation of customer satisfaction evaluation programs during his tenure in the Department of Convention and Event Services.  Chance joined 311 in March 2019 and is responsible for Quality Assurance, Internal Controls, Health and Safety Management, Community Outreach and Education, and 311’s Employee Advisory Council (EAC).  Derrick, a native of Dallas serves on the Board of Director’s for Dallas Children’s Charities, and volunteers with the Dallas Police Department, Junior Academy. 

Gray, Sheila

Sheila Gray began her career with the City of Dallas in February of 2016.  Sheila serves as Manager II responsible for the Configuration Team.  Sheila and her team are working on improving system functionality and improving self-service options for citizens.  Prior to joining the City of Dallas Sheila spent over 13 years with a Fortune 200 company, and has experience in call center leadership, customer service, sales, and operations.  She has an MBA with a concentration in Management.  Sheila was raised in North East Texas and enjoys spending time with her family, friends, and her 2 dogs and 1 cat.


Johnson, John

John Johnson joined the City of Dallas in 2008 and has been the Director of 311 Customer Service since December 2018.  In this role, he is responsible for all aspects of the 311 Customer Service Department.  John is tasked with overseeing the Department’s 121 employees, providing leadership and direction for 311’s management team, call center, central dispatch and the City’s community outreach efforts via City Hall On-the-Go.  John is also responsible for ensuring 311 operates with maximum efficiency while offering every customer the highest level of service possible.  Prior to this role, John held positions in the City Manager’s Office and Department of Convention and Event Services.  He has overseen many high-profile projects for the City including “Conversations about Race,” and City Lights, and served as a project team member for Downtown Dallas’ 360 Plan.  John holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a Master of Science in Management and has previously overseen client services, capital planning and construction, and service delivery within both the private and public sectors.  A native of east Texas, and Little Forest Hills resident, John enjoys cycling White Rock Lake and the Santa Fe and Katy trails and traveling.


Operations Manager



Lee, Catherine

Catherine Lee has been with the City of Dallas since 2008 and has been the Reporting and Finance Manager since May 2019.  In her current role, Lee is responsible for the creation and dissemination of performance and productivity reports, preparation and administration of the department’s budget, and overseeing Open Records Requests under the Texas Public Information Act.  Prior to 311, she worked as a Senior Chemist for Dallas Water Utilities and as an Environmental Coordinator for Sanitation Services.  Lee holds a Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences and is a candidate for a Master in Public Administration with expected award in December 2019.   A native of Dallas and a Texas A&M graduate (go Aggies!), Lee enjoys spending her free time walking, exploring nature, and playing with her dogs.


Moran, Vasana

Vasana Moran began her career with the City of Dallas in 2005 and has been the Workforce and Training Manager of the Dallas 311 Call Center since June 2018.  In her current role, Moran is responsible for the recruitment and onboarding for 311 Call Center staff, training curriculum development and administration, as well as all agent scheduling, adherence, and productivity monitoring.  Moran previously served the City of Dallas as a Coordinator and has extensive call center industry experience within the private sector.  Moran, a native of Guyana, South America, enjoys spending her free time with her family, reading, and working on home improvement projects.