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How to Request City Services
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Call Center Operations

The 311 Call Center operates 24/7 and is staffed by Customer Service Representatives who are trained to receive calls from residents, actively listen to their concerns and, based upon their situation, determine which service request(s) would best suit their needs.  The Customer Service Representatives are also responsible for educating citizens about departmental website navigation, the 311 App, and sometimes direct citizens to non-City related organizations for assistance.  It is our intention for 311 to be a “one-stop shop” type of call center addressing all concerns on one call.  Our goal is to leave a lasting impact on residents, assuring them that the City of Dallas is working to resolve their concerns and improve the overall quality of life for Dallas residents. 

To Submit a Service Request:

By Phone

Simply call 3-1-1 when inside Dallas' city limits. 
You may also access Dallas 3-1-1 by calling (214) 670-3111 from any location. 


Visit - Dallas 311 Request a Service 

Mobile Application

Download the Dallas 311 mobile app (click an icon below)

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City Hall On-the-Go – let us come to you! 

Create a "311 Event Request" online.

To report an issue/complaint regarding a DPD Officer, click the link below for detailed instructions.

DPD Complaint Instructions - Rev 7_6_21.pdf

CRM System Configuration

The Configuration Team is responsible for managing the service request software, including system performance and functionality.  The Configuration Team works with City Service Departments to ensure service requests capture the information needed by departments to work citizen inquiries.  The team are proud to be able to offer better communication options like text messaging and more detailed email correspondence regarding the status of service requests.  We are continuing to work with Service Departments to streamline requests and provide a better experience for citizens using the web and the Dallas 311 mobile app.

Quality Assurance and Outreach

The Quality Assurance and Outreach Division are responsible for the following areas:

  • Service delivery of quality assurance and its customers – Measures how well frontline staffers meet qualitative standards through the quality assurance-monitoring process to create a unified customer experience. 
  • Agent performance monitoring and reporting – Used to gauge the efficiency and effectiveness of the call center performance to ensure the call center is meeting its goals and objectives and that all personnel are achieving their work potential. 
  • Quality Management & Internal controls – Quality Management conduct surveys with 311’s internal and external customers and ensure the study of survey data meets the customer requirements while gauging the effectiveness of 311’s delivery of service. 
  • Community Outreach and Education – Dallas City Hall On The Go (CHOTG), a mobile outreach program that brings City Hall and City services to the community/neighborhood. 
  • Employee Advisory Council (EAC) Liaison – The EAC is composed of a group of employees who assist in gathering and leveraging input for operational improvements, improving moral, recognition of employees and implementing sustainable solutions to departmental challenges.

Reporting and Finance

The Reporting and Finance division in 311 is responsible for producing reports using real-time service request data, call center statistics, and City Hall on the Go! trends. These reports are utilized by the Mayor and City Councilmembers as well as the executive leadership within the City. The Reporting and Finance division is also responsible for receiving and responding to Open Records Requests submitted through the City Secretary's Office. Finally, the Reporting and Finance division develops and administers 311's budget. With the work we produce, we hope to create a more transparent City and continue to nourish our relationship with the residents and visitors of Dallas.

Workforce and Training

The Workforce/Training division improves, interprets, analyzes, and rates the workforce to reduce overhead, and increase customer satisfaction and experience. The Workforce division prepares daily reports of attendance of staff and manages schedules to ensure that there are adequate resources to answer incoming calls to the 311 Call Center.  The instructors in the Training Division are responsible for cultivating a professional, courteous, highly knowledgeable, top-quality workforce.  Instructors also act as Coordinators for 311, working on the forefront to relay and convey information and process changes to all departments within the City of Dallas.  Our vision for 311 is to move into the future with cutting-edge technological training. 

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Browser Compatibility for the 311 System

The City's 311 system does not support Internet Explorer 9 and 10. Please move to a supported browser such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Microsoft Edge or Internet Explorer 11. Residents that have difficulty accessing the system can email the City for technical assistance at dallas311@dallas.gov