Sanitation Services

​​​Brush and Bulky Item Collection

  • Normally scheduled bulk and brush collection resumed August 5th with our Week 1 collection. The full August collection schedule is listed below.
Bulk and Brush Collection WeekAugust Collection Start Date
Week 1August 5, 2019
Week 2August 12, 2019
Week 3
August 19, 2019
Week 4
August 26, 2019
  • Cost-plus service remains suspended until further notice.
  • Code Compliance will suspend the issuance of brush/bulky trash citations for storm debris set-outs, as many weren’t able to cut and set-out debris prior to our initial collection.  Non-storm debris placed out before or after a resident’s scheduled set-out and collection period will be subject to a bulky trash citation.
  • Residents can also utilize transfer stations or the McCommas Bluff Landfill during designated days to self-haul debris. See www.dallaszerowaste.comfor transfer station and landfill operating hours, restrictions, and days available to residents.
For more information regarding your Bulk/Brush collection week, go to the BRUSH & BULK WEEK MAP section on the right of this page and click the link.
We appreciate your patience throughout the months of June, July and early August as we continued the storm debris collection. 


You can also download the app below.

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If you know your Bulk & Brush Week, you can also find the 2019 collection schedule below. If you would prefer to see a map, please click Here.

          1st Monday: 2019 Calendar with Set Out Days

          2nd Monday: 2019 Calendar with Set Out Days   

          3rd Monday: 2019 Calendar with Set Out Days    

          4th Monday: 2019 Calendar with Set Out Days

What Goes to the Curb?

  • Tree Limbs (8ft or less is preferable)

  • Shrubbery (please separate from bulky items)   furniture.png

  • Bagged Leaves

  • Furniture*
  • Appliances
    • If an appliance has Freon (e.g. a/c unit or refrigerator) it is NOT accepted
  • Carpet
  • Mattresses
  • Other bulky items

*If you have bulky items that are in good condition and still functional, please consider donating them to the Salvation Army, Goodwill Industries of Dallas, Habitat for Humanity or any other local donation center.

What does not go to the Curb?

  • Construction Debris
  • Bricks, Concrete, Rocks, Dirt, etc.
  • Mirrors and Glass (e.g. window or shower glass)
  • Electronics (e.g. televisions, computers, etc.)
  • Tires
  • Car parts (e.g. engine)
  • Lawnmowers (or any machinery that may contain gasoline)

Tips to Avoid a Citation:

  • Do not put out material earlier than 7:00 a.m. on Thursday prior to your collection week (please see instructions above to find your Week). Material must be placed at the curb by 7:00 a.m. the Monday of the pickup week.*
  • Put materials on the curb in front of your home. Do not place on vacant lots or medians. Do not place materials in front of utility poles, traffic signs, utilities meters or hydrants.
  • Do not allow your bulky items or brush to block the sidewalk or protrude into the street.

*If you are in need of a brush or bulky item collection outside of your collection week, please use our Cost Plus service​.