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April 18 CPC Public Hearing

On March 7, staff briefed the City Plan Commission (CPC) on the PD15 Authorized Hearing, and presented staff's recommendations. Staff planned to move forward with a March 21 CPC Public Hearing to present recommendations. However, on March 11, a request for postponement of Z167-396 (PD15 Authorized Hearing) was submitted to the Sustainable Development & Construction department; view the request letter here.pdf.   Per City of Dallas Development Code (Section 51A-4.701(e), the opposition is allowed one postponement for CPC and one postponement for City Council.

Therefore, the March 21 CPC date has been postponed, and the new CPC meeting date is April 18 at 1:30 pm.

To view the Staff Recommendation, as well as all Authorized Hearing materials from previous meetings, please visit staff's site: https://dallascityhall.com/departments/sustainabledevelopment/planning/Pages/pdd15.aspx


Your Feedback is Important

As a reminder, City staff have posted a comment form on its website; you can also access the form here. If interested, you may provide feedback about the proposed conditions and plan prepared by staff. Directions where to send comments are on the bottom of the form. Completed forms will be distributed to the City Plan Commission prior to the Public Hearing.

Property owners within the PD15 area of request and within 200' of the area of request have received postponement notices in the mail indicating the new CPC date. The reply form that was attached to the previous notice is still valid, and should be submitted no later than 12:00 p.m. on Wednesday, April 17, 2019. If you have any questions, please contact Senior Planner Andrew Ruegg at andrew.ruegg@dallascityhall.com or 214-671-7931


PD 15 Mailing List

In an effort to keep the community updated, my office sends out occasional emails when there's news to share or reminders about community meetings, for example. If you are not already receiving emails about PD15, and would like to be added to the distribution list, please notify Alexa Relayze at alexandra.relayze@dallascityhall.com or 214-670-7057

Authorized Hearing Community Meetings

2.13 Update on Feb 19 PD 15 Community Meeting #2

The next step in the process is the 2nd Community Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, February 19th at 6:30 PM at the Hyer Elementary School Cafetorium located at 8385 Durham Street. Here is the link to the PD No. 15 authorized hearing webpage where you can find the agenda and meeting materials for the upcoming community meeting as well as past meeting materials: https://dallascityhall.com/departments/sustainabledevelopment/planning/Pages/pdd15.aspx  

You are invited to the 2nd Community Meeting to give your input and ask questions about the recommended conditions for PD No. 15. If you wish to speak at the meeting, speaker sign-up will begin at 6:00 PM, 30 minutes prior to the start time of the meeting. 

This memo from the City Attorney's office helps explain why an Authorized Hearing for this case was the best option: City Attorney AH memo  

The below link will take you to a 2017 memo from David Cossum, then-Director of Sustainable Development and Construction, addressing density:



PD 15 Community Meeting Planned for Feb. 19 (updated 1/18/19)

The second Community Meeting for Planned Development 15 is set for Tuesday, February 19 at 6:30 pm in the Hyer Elementary Cafetorium (Auditorium/Cafeteria), located at 8385 Durham. Staff will mail out notices to all property owners within PD 15 boundaries.


The Community Meeting will recap Steering Committee meetings, and staff will present the proposed staff recommendation. There will also be a presentation to review a Steering Committee proposed recommendation. Each presentation will have approximately 20 minutes, and the remainder of the time will be designated for public input and questions and answers.


Meeting materials will be posted to City staff’s website the week prior to the Community Meeting:


Materials from the first Community Meeting, held April 26, 2018, and all Steering Committee meetings can also be viewed on that webpage.


Following the Community Meeting, the recommendation will move forward to City Plan Commission (CPC) public hearing at which time all interested parties have the opportunity to speak in support or opposition.  If CPC recommends to move the item forward, the item will go to City Council for a public hearing where again, interested parties will have an opportunity to speak. Staff will mail out notices and reply forms to all property owners within PD 15 and 200’ around PD 15 for the CPC meeting, as well as for the Council hearing, if CPC moves the recommendation forward.


Should you have any questions, please contact Senior Planner, Andrew Ruegg, at 214-671-7931 or andrew.ruegg@dallascityhall.com

On April 26, 2018, Councilmember Gates held a Community Meeting with Planned Development District No.15 area residents to discuss next steps in the Authorized Hearing process. City staff presented an overview of the PD No. 15 area history, existing zoning, and the Authorized Hearing process, including the creation of a Steering Committee. The Steering Committee will hold meetings with staff to review the current zoning of the area, any possible changes, and to develop proposed zoning amendments. At the conclusion of the Steering Committee meetings, a second Community Meeting will be held to present any proposed zoning amendments.  For questions or additional information, please contact Lauren Clayton at lauren.clayton@dallascityhall.com or 214-670-3816.

April 26 Community Meeting presentation


Authorized Hearing Steering Committee

Jan. 7 PD15 Steering Committee Time Change 

Please be advised that the Monday, Jan. 7 PD15 Steering Committee meeting time has changed, and will now start at 5:30 pm. The meeting will be held at the Walnut Hill Recreation Center, 10011 Midway Road, Dallas, TX, 75229

Please reference staff’s Authorized Hearing website for current and past meeting materials:



Audio of Planned Development 15 Steering Committee meetings can be accessed here.

Latest PD15 Steering Committee Update (11/16/18) 

The final PD15 Steering Committee will be Monday, January 7, 2019 at 6:00 pm at the Walnut Hill Recreation Center, 10011 Midway Road, Dallas, TX 75229. Should you have any questions, please contact Andrew Ruegg (Senior Planner, Current Planning) at 214-671-7931 or andrew.ruegg@dallascityhall.com 

The PD15 Steering Committee meeting schedule has been determined. All Steering Committee meetings will be held at Walnut Hill Recreation Center (10011 Midway Rd) approximately every two weeks. Due to meeting room availability, some Steering Committee meetings will be held on Wednesday nights. Please see the meeting schedule below for the date and time for each meeting:

Thursday, June 28th                     6:00 PM – 7:30 PM          Walnut Hill Recreation Center (10011 Midway Rd)

Wednesday, July 11th                  6:00 PM – 7:30 PM          Walnut Hill Recreation Center (10011 Midway Rd)

Thursday, July 26th                       6:00 PM – 7:30 PM          Walnut Hill Recreation Center (10011 Midway Rd)

Wednesday, August 15th           6:00 PM – 7:30 PM         Walnut Hill Recreation Center (10011 Midway Rd)

Thursday, August 30th                 6:00 PM – 7:30 PM         Walnut Hill Recreation Center (10011 Midway Rd)

PD15 Steering Committee Members


Authorized Hearing Process

If you have questions, please contact Andrew Ruegg (Senior Planner—Current Planning) at 214-671-7931 or andrew.ruegg@dallascityhall.com

April 26 Community Meeting presentation


For additional information, please visit the website at: 

Planned Development 15.jpg

On July 12, 2017 Councilmember Gates held a community meeting to discuss the Planned Development 15 ( PD15 ) located on the north side of West Northwest Highway between Pickwick Lane and Baltimore Ave. PD 15 was established on April 23, 1947 and is approximately 14.2 acres. The City of Dallas Sustainable Development and Construction have created two Letters of Determination regarding PD15, 2015 Letter of Determination and 2017 Letter of Determination

Below are the meeting minutes from each PD 15 working group meeting: 

August 15, 2017 Meeting Minutes

August 29, 2017 Meeting Minutes

September 26, 2017 Meeting Minutes

October 10, 2017 Meeting Minutes

October 24, 2017 Meeting Minutes

On December 1, 2017 fifteen members of the working group sent Councilmember Gates a letter. Councilmember Gates sent a letter in response on December 8, 2017.

In 2016 the Northwest Highway and Preston Area Plan Task Force created a Plan that would provide a road map for future development decisions in and around Northwest Highway and Preston Road. PD 15 is within the limits of the plan. Click to see Excerpts from Preston and Northwest Highway Area Plan 

For more information on the Northwest Highway and Preston Area Plan click here