District 13

​Planned Development 15

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On July 12, 2017 Councilmember Gates held a community meeting to discuss the Planned Development 15 ( PD15 ) located on the north side of West Northwest Highway between Pickwick Lane and Baltimore Ave. PD 15 was established on April 23, 1947 and is approximately 14.2 acres. The City of Dallas Sustainable Development and Construction have created two Letters of Determination regarding PD15, 2015 Letter of Determination and 2017 Letter of Determination

It was made clear from the discussion in July it would be necessary to create a working group to evaluate PD 15. The representatives for the PD 15 Working Group include:

Inside PD 15


Outside PD 15

Preston Tower

John Pritchett


Madonna Villa

John Welch

Preston Tower

Keith Burtner


Harcourt House

Robert Spurlock

Preston Place

Arnold Spencer


Royal Arms

Fred Pendleton

Preston Place

Joseph Meredith


Bandera Villa

Steve Dawson


Carla Young


Park Fontaine

Nancy Kariel


Brett Fincher



Juli Black

Diamond Head

Lee Shuey



Dusti Smith

Diamond Head

Marilyn Schroeder




Royal Orleans

Ken Newberry




Royal Orleans

Curtis Kehr





Robert Cammack





Maura Conley





Below are the meeting minutes from each PD 15 working group meeting: 

August 15, 2017 Meeting Minutes

August 29, 2017 Meeting Minutes

September 26, 2017 Meeting Minutes

October 10, 2017 Meeting Minutes

October 24, 2017 Meeting Minutes

On December 1, 2017 fifteen members fo the working group sent Councilmember Gates a letter. Councilmember Gates sent a letter in response on December 8, 2017.

In 2016 the Northwest Highway and Preston Area Plan Task Force created a Plan that would provide a road map for future development decisions in and around Northwest Highway and Preston Road. PD 15 is within the limits of the plan. Click to see Excerpts from Preston and Northwest Highway Area Plan 

For more information on the Northwest Highway and Preston Area Plan click here