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Parkmobile is the City of Dallas mobile parking payments vendor.​

To use mobile payments download the app and register at:  parkmobile.com

Parkmobile General Conce​​rns

  1. What is Parkmobile?​

    Park mobile is an easy and convenient way to pay for parking using your Smartphone or wireless enabled tablet.

  2. What Are the Benefits? ​
    • Optional text message reminders before your parking time expires
    • Extend parking time remotely (if time available) from any phone to avoid tickets
    • Pay for parking from the comfort and safety of your vehicle
    • No need to visit a pay station and return to your car with a receipt
  3. How Parkmobile Works
    • ​Call 877-727-5953 or download the Parkmobile app at parkmobile.com.
    • ​After registering, enter the parking zone number and how long you plan to stay.
    • The meter display will still show "expired" after the Parkmobile payment; however, parking enforcement officers' devices will show the meter has been paid.
    • Parkmobile.com

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Parkmobile Enforcement

  1. I've paid by phone but the meter did not update?

    The meter display will not change when you pay by phone. Your parking transaction details are automatically displayed on a separate device used by the parking officer.

  2. How does enforcement work?

    ​Nothing changes at the parking meter or pay station. Parkmobile users do not need a receipt to display on their vehicle. Dallas Police Department Parking Enforcement see payment status automatically in real time on their enforcement equipment.

  3. What if I get a parking citation related to Parkmobile that I believe is in error?

    If you believe you have received a parking citation in error, please contact the City of Dallas Adjudication. The instructions are on the back of the ticket. You can log into your Parkmobile account and print out records of transactions. Please print out copies to bring or send to the City of Dallas Adjudication. They will not accept visual inspection of your phone as proof.​

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​​How Parkmobile Works

  1. How do I sign up? You can sign up for Parkmobile one of three ways:

    1. ​Via the Mobile App - Install the Parkmobile app from your app store.
    2. ​Via the Internet – Download the Parkmobile app from www.parkmobile.com.​
    3. Via phone – Call 877-727-5953 and follow the voice prompts

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​​Using the Service via Phone

  1. What is the number I call to purchase parking time?

    Call 877-727-5953. This number is on the Parkmobile decal on each parking meter and pay station.

  2. Do I have to use the phone number I registered with to call in?

    No, you can call from any phone.

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​​​Using the Service via Mobile App

  1. How can I get the Parkmobile app on my phone?

    ​Download the free app from the App Store or Android Market, or you can use the mobile website in your Smartphone’s browser.

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​​​​Using the Service via the Mobile Website

  1. What is the mobile website URL? 

  2. The URL is us.parkmo​bile.com

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Fees and Transactions

  1. How much does it cost to use Parkmobile?

    Parkmobile charges a $0.35 convenience fee per transaction to use their service

  2. ​ Which Credit/Debit Cards are accepted?

    City of Dallas Parkmobile accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover card and American Express credit and debit cards.

  3. Is it safe to make a credit card transaction on my smartphone?

    Yes. Your credit card number is encrypted when you sign up and is never entered, displayed, or spoken during transactions. The City of Dallas does not store or retain your credit card number.

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