Office of the City Auditor

About the Office of the City Auditor​

​Audit Services:​​

The scope of activities carried out by this Office may relate to any phase of City activities where service may be rendered to the City C​ouncil or to City management, including activities such as:
  • Appraising the economy, efficiency, and effectiveness of City organizations, programs, functions, and activities. Providing litigation support services to the City Attorney's Office, the Dallas County District Attorney and others representing the City; ascertaining the extent to which City assets are accounted for and safeguarded from losses of all kinds. Ascertaining the extent of compliance with applicable laws and regulations and with established policies, plans, and procedures. Ascertaining the sufficiency, validity, and reliability of accounting and statistical data developed within the City.
  • Reviewing and appraising the soundness, adequacy and application of accounting, financial, and other operating controls and promoting effective controls at a reasonable cost.​