Civil Service

​Civil Service


The Civil Service Department provides employment services for approximately 83% of the positions in the City workforce including administering promotion systems for the Dallas Police and Fire Departments. Civil Service is committed to establishing a model merit system for our city and providing quality customer service to our internal and community stakeholders. 

Civil Service staff evaluates and processes over 100,000 applications annually for approximately 2,300 positions.  In addition to direct employment ref​err​als to City departments, Civil Service establishes requirements for employment, designs and validates employment examinations and standards and administers hearing procedures for internal employee appeals and appeals of terminations and demotions of City employees.​



To employ and retain the best and brightest workforce, enhancing the vitality and quality of life for all in the Dallas community. ​



 In executing our mission, we are committed to: 
– partnering with client departments to provide tailored staffing, hiring, and promotional solutions that will enhance the quality and efficiency of the workforce 
– continuously improving the services we provide to City departments through communication, innovation, and anticipation and adjustment to industry trends and best practices
– providing an impartial hearing process allowing eligible employees to appeal claims of discrimination and unfair application of rules and regulation

The Department is comprised of three divisions, each playing a critical role in protecting the merit system and ensuring equity in employment and promotion.


Recruiting & Examining

 − Advertises jobs to both current and prospective employees 
− Cooperates with hiring managers to define minimum qualifications
− Evaluates applicants’ eligibility
− Administers written and computer-based exams 

Test Validation

− Develops and validates personnel selection tests for civilian and uniform positions 
− Performs job analyses for testing purposes
− Ensures selection procedures used by the city are legally defensible


− Plans Trial Board and Administrative Law Judge hearings
− Coordinates rehire eligibility appeals
− Analyzes and manages department budget

Director/Board Secretary, Jarred D. Davis. MS, Sr. CAAP

Annual Reports

2021 Annual Report here

2020 Annual Report here

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