Consumer Health

Department of Code Compliance Consumer Health Division​​

Contactless Permitting Process 

Effective May 20, 2020, the Consumer Health Division will use a contactless permitting process which requires all customers to make an appointment to visit the office at 7901 Goforth Road, Dallas, Texas 75238 to secure a food permit. No walk-up traffic will be allowed for the safety of the customer and the employees.

  • Customers must remain in their vehicle for the entire appointment.

  • Customers must upload supporting documents when scheduling appointment. 

  • Failure to provide all required documents will result in the appointment request being cancelled and customer will need to schedule a new appointment. 

  • For a list of required documents, please see list below.

All fees must be paid on the day of the appointment.  Fees may be paid by:

  • Check or money order made out to City of Dallas – Consumer Health

  • Credit or debit card

  • We do not accept cash or American Express.

Please follow link to schedule an appointment:

The Food Protection & Education Unit aims to promote healthy people and healthy communities through education and regulation of food service establishments.

In the City of Dallas, there are over 6,000 "permitted" fixed food establishments, including restaurant, convenience stores, food, and espresso carts, coffee shops, delis, grocery stores, and schools; there are over 800 Mobile Food Units/ Kiosk; and there are nearly 3000 Temporary Food Establishment inspections conducted annually (occurring mostly on weekends/holidays) including the  State Fair of Texas, New Years Day, St. Patricks Day, Cinco de Mayo, Juneteenth, Taste of Dallas, and many other large and small events. All are inspected by a licensed sanitarian from the Consumer Health Division.

Services Provided​

  • Mobile Food Vehicle Permitting/ Inspections
  • Temporary Food Services Establishment Permitting/ Inspections
  • Foodborne illness investigation/ Food Sample Collections and Analysis
  • Central Business District Vending Permitting/ Inspections
  • Enforce City Ordinances/ State Laws that relate to the sale and service of food and beverages
  • Emergency Response – Manmade/ Natural Disasters
  • Consumer Complaints/ Foodborne Investigations
  • Food Safety Training and Education
    • Restaurants/ Temporary Food  Handlers
  • Food Service Manager Certification Program
  • Smoking Ordinance Enforcement

Type of Inspections Routine, Follow-up, Complaint, Temporary, and Mobile

  • Routine Inspections – are conducted at least once every six months 
  • Follow-up Inspections –  are conducted as a result of poor sanitation issues, low scores
  • Complaints Inspections – General Sanitation/Hygienic Practices /Illness Investigation, Smoking and Other 
  • Temporary – the City of Dallas Office of Special Events provides a listing of a public event being held involving food and we provide guidance and inspect
  • Mobile – the various mobile food units are inspected annually with random inspections conducted during the year.

Restaurant Food Scores

Scores only represent a snapshot of the facility at the time of inspection. Scoring is based on critical vs. non-critical violations. Repeated facility names may indicate follow-up inspection of a single permitted activity or an inspection of a different activity in the same facility, i.e. meat, fish or produce departments in a grocery store.

If the restaurant is not listed the following may be occurring: change of ownership, remodeling or it is a new establishment not yet inspected.

Score Range
100-80 (Meets Consumer Health Division standards)
79-70 (Requires follow-up inspection within 30 days)
69-60 (Requires follow-up inspection within 10 days)
59 and below (Requires follow-up inspection within 24 hours)

Under City of Dallas Ordinance Sec. 17-10.2(b) a food establishment shall provide a copy of the most recent inspection report to any customer or potential customer upon request. You can Search Restaurant Food Scores located in the City of Dallas.

Food Establishment Permit
Food establishment permits are required for restaurants, bars, grocery stores, mobile food units, temporary food events, and schools.  To obtain a permit to operate a food establishment, the following are needed: (1) a valid photo identification, (2) sales tax permit, and (3) application fee. For additional information, contact the Consumer Health Division between 8:00 am - 4:30 pm at (214) 670-8083.

Complaints Concerning Restaurants
To report a possible food-borne illness or unsanitary condition at a restaurant or other food-related establishment, contact the City of Dallas 3-1-1 Service Request System at (214) 670-3111 or visit to enter your service request

Registered Food Service Manager
Each food establishment (fixed) is required to have an on-site Registered Food Service Manager. The Registered Food Service Manager class is offered at various locations throughout the state.

A list of the locations may be obtained here: TDH Course Registry of the Food Protection Management Training ​Programs.

Roadside/Parking Lot Sales
Vending on public property is prohibited except in the downtown Central Business District. Anyone selling goods (flowers, purses, shoes, etc.) on parking lots or along roadsides is doing so illegally. This type of activity is regulated by the Department of Code Compliance. 

Note: You may contact the City of Dallas Consumer Health Division directly by phone for information or concerns regarding any food establishment or food safety-related issues at (214) 670-8083 or fax (214) 670-8330.​