Consumer Health

​Consumer Health Division

Contactless Permitting Process 

Effective May 20, 2020, the Consumer Health Division will use a contactless permitting process which requires all customers to make an appointment to visit the office at 7901 Goforth Road, Dallas, Texas 75238 to secure a food permit. No walk-up traffic will be allowed for the safety of the customer and the employees.

  • Customers must remain in their vehicle for the entire appointment.

  • Customers must upload supporting documents when scheduling appointment. 

  • Failure to provide all required documents will result in the appointment request being cancelled and customer will need to schedule a new appointment. 

  • For a list of required documents, please see list below.

All fees must be paid on the day of the appointment.  Fees may be paid by:

  • Check or money order made out to City of Dallas – Consumer Health

  • Credit or debit card

  • We do not accept cash or American Express.

Please follow link to schedule an appointment:

Temporary Food Events


Temporary Food Service Establishment ​means a food product establishment that operates at a fixed location for a limited period of time (up to 14 consecutive days) in conjunction with a single event or celebration.

For additional information, contact the Consumer Health Division between 8:00 am - 4:30 pm at (214) 670-8083.

Payment Information

To pay in person or by mail:

Consumer Health Division

7901 Goforth Road

Dallas, TX. 75238

Only check, money order, credit or debit is accepted (No Cash)

Forms & Fees

Applications must be submitted at least five business days before the event.

​Temporary Food Event Guidelines

​Temporary Special Event

Food Application 

CCS-FRM-342 Temporary Food Establishment Permit Request (Pre-printed).png

TCS Permit (Time & Temperature Controlled for Safety) (up to 5 booths)

  • TCS Permit base price $217.00 (up to 5 booths)

  • Per day/ Per booth $28.00


Non-TCS (Pre-Packaged food from manufacture)

  • Non-TCS Permit base price $204.00 (up to 5 booths)

  • Per day/ Per booth $28.00


To obtain this permit you will need the following:

  • Copy of current government-issued ID

  • Copy of Invitation or event organizer endorsement memo

*State manufacture license needed* (If food manufacturer)

For Retail

  • Current Health Permit

  • Copy of last health inspection Report

  • In addition, vendors that do not have their own licensed kitchen will need to provide a permission letter from the owner of the kitchen where the food is being prepared