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You can report graffiti by calling 3-1-1 or submitting a service request online.

TIPS for Graffiti Prevention
Learn how to remove, prevent, and control graffiti.

FREE Graffiti Abatement
Clean up services provided to property owners.

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​​Contact Us

Contact Us
Dial "3-1-1"
    When to call...
  • When your personal property has been tagged or vandalized by unknown person/persons and you would like the city’s assistance in removing it.
  • When you see graffiti on other property (i.e.: city bridges, signs, other residential and commercial property, etc.) and would like the city to remove it.
  • When you see graffiti and have information on the vandals.
Dial "9-1-1"
    When to call...
  • When the vandalism of property is currently occurring.
Dallas Police Department (DPD) | Contact Numbers

DPD Gang Unit
(T) 214-671-GANG (4262)

Graffiti Tip Line
Department of Code Compliance
3112 Canton Street, Dallas, TX 75238
(T) 214-670-5708 | (F) 214-670-3652
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Other Entities Contacts
Response Center (RC)Lodge a complaint thru RC; Ways/Structures/Amenities Dept handles graffiti
Service Request HotlineAddress/exact location of pole is needed. Try to get numbers off of pole
Time Warner / Comcast972-445-6200Customer ServiceCompany address 3301 W.Royal Ln, Irving, TX 75063; not able to get live person on phone to see who send graffiti complaints to
AT&T / SWB1-800-246-8464Repair LineCan create a ticket for site to be investigated and have AT&T abate. Prefer to get pole#; exact location of pay phone, etc.; Risk management supposedly handles these calls
U.S. Post Office1-888-ASK USPSAsk for Dallas Area Consumer Affairs to Report GraffitiDACA open 8-4:30 M-F only. Or you can report to post office which box is located closest to
TXDOT214-320-6200Maintenance HotlineFreeways, overpasses, bridges over Trinity River, bridges associated with freeways, etc.