Office of Community Care

Office of Community Care

COVID-19 Update:

May is Older Americans Month and, traditionally, this has involved numerous activities and events throughout the City targeting older adults.

At this time, events connected to Older Americans Month are CANCELLED for 2020. This includes the annual Parks and Recreation Mother’s Day Luncheon, DART’s 2020 Older Americans Month Information and Health Fair, Parks and Recreation’s Senior Games, and other activities. Additionally, and due to the COVID 19 pandemic, all our outreach events, including the Senior Safety Summit, the Senior Housing / Aging in Place Expo and the Age Friendly Dallas Expo, have been put on hold for 2020. Staff will continue to monitor the circumstances and work within the guidance of the CDC, our local health authority, and City of Dallas leadership in determining whether and when to re-schedule these events.

The Senior Services staff continues to work diligently providing casework based on referral and information to all seniors that reside within the City of Dallas. Seniors are invited to connect with us via our Senior Help Line at (214) 670-5227.

Senior Services

Senior Services was created to help Dallas seniors maintain the highest quality of life possible by providing information / referrals on senior services, educational programming and other resources that support and promote financial and social well-being.  Senior Services also provides staff support to the City of Dallas Senior Affairs Commission (SAC) and its five (5) working committees (Safety & Health, Budget, Social Needs, Transportation, and Housing).

The following services and programs are offered by the Senior Services:


The Office of Community Care Senior Services caseworkers provide referrals and information to at-risk seniors needing resources for elder abuse, housing, health and dental care, utility assistance, transportation and other social services.

Contact: (214) 670-5227


Educational materials, presentations, training and informational seminars are provided and/or facilitated by the Senior Services to community groups, neighborhood associations and senior centers to educate and inform the public on senior resources and issues affecting older adults. These issues include, but are not limited to, isolation, elder abuse, health care and housing.

Contact: (214) 670-5227

Senior Affairs Commission

The Senior Services provides staff support to the Senior Affairs Commission (SAC). The Senior Affairs Commission is a 15-member advisory board appointed by the Mayor and City Council to help ensure the provision of services to the elderly.

Contact: (214) 670-5227

Senior Ombudsman Program

The Senior Ombudsman Program is designed to give an official mandated voice to seniors in nursing home and assisted living facilities by addressing concerns and seeking resolutions to problems or issues to enhance the quality of life for residents in long term care facilities. The program also offers information to seniors and their families about nursing home facilities, selection and/or any related nursing home issues. The Senior Ombudsman Program is implemented by The Senior Source.

Contact: (214) 823-5700

Senior Dental Health Care Program

Provides dental health services to low-moderate income seniors aged 60 and older residing within the City of Dallas. Dental health services include: exams, cleanings, fluoride treatment, sealants, flings, extractions, root canals, treatment for infections and oral health education.

To schedule an appointment for services, please contact North Dallas Shared Ministries or the Agape Clinic. Services are free to eligible residents and are provided by the Texas A&M University College of Dentistry at the following locations:

North Dallas Shared Ministries

2875 Merrell Road, Dallas, Texas 75229

Contact: (214) 358-8729

Agape Clinic

4104 Junius Street, Dallas, Texas 75246

Contact: (972) 707-7782

Senior Medical Transportation Program (SMTP)

SMTP Transition to Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART)

The City of Dallas Senior Medical Transportation Program is updating our client service model to provide clients an on-demand service in partnership with Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) through its DART Rides Rider Assistance Program (RAP). This new service model will allow participants to schedule same day services directly through DART using a reloadable program debit card. This transition will mean there will be several changes to how clients use the program, including how to schedule rides and the ability for a client to manage and schedule their own services.

The program is intended for travel in the DART service area. You may travel anywhere and for any purpose, as long as the origin or destination of the trip is in your city of residence. Remember that long trips may be costly and will reduce the number of trips you can make in a month. The maximum value that can be stored on your card is $100 in any month. Riders must use alternate means to pay the cost for any trip where the total cost exceeds the value stored on the card. During the first six months, the City of Dallas will fund the total cost with a reloadable program debit card. Starting the seventh month, each rider will be required to provide 25% of the card balance. Value may be added in $5 increments up to $25 per calendar month.

Below we outline some key elements of the new program. If you have any questions, please contact DART's Rider Assistance Program: or call 214-828-6717.

City of Dallas and DART Rider Assistance Program Overview:

Beginning May 1, 2020, the City will NO longer be scheduling rides for the Transportation Program and ALL current clients will go through DART's application process in order to qualify for Transportation services. The qualifying criteria are:

  • Be age 65 or older OR have a certified disability, but not eligible for DART Paratransit Services.
  • Present proof of residency (such as a government ID, a recent utility bill or other documentation to verifying residency) and
  • Have NO other means of transportation available to you (for example: DART Paratransit Services).

Once this documentation/proof is provided and is approved for the program, eligible residents may purchase up to $100 in Rider Assistance Program (RAP) value each month. During the first six months, the City of Dallas will fund the total cost with a reloadable program debit card. Once the debit card is received, you must go to to register your card. By registering, riders will be able to check card balance at any time and recover the value in the event a card is lost or stolen.  Starting the seventh month, each rider will be required to provide 25% of the card balance. Value may be added in $5 increments up to $25 per calendar month.

The program operates during the same hours as DART's Paratransit, fixed-route bus, and rail service which is approximately 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. seven days a week and is intended for travel in the DART service area.

This program will continue to be a service of LAST RESORT.

To schedule a ride, you may advance schedule and/or call up to an hour ahead of time that you wish to be picked up; but, be advised that the vehicle usually arrives within 20-30 minutes of your call. A variety of vehicles will operate the program. Not all vehicles are wheelchair accessible, accessible service must be requested at the time of scheduling.

The scheduling will NO longer be done through the City of Dallas's 214-670-7235 phone number once transitioning begins May 1st, 2020. Please contact DART's Rider Assistance Program at or call 214-828-6717 for more information.

DART will need the following documents for you to transition:

  • Proof of Age – E.g. photo ID, driver's license
  • Proof of residency within the City of Dallas – Utility bills, lease
  • Proof of Disability – Social security letter, medical provider letter


DART - DART Rides P.O Box 660163

Dallas, TX 75266-7271

The Texas Ramp Project

Volunteers of the Texas Ramp Project in the Dallas area build wheelchair ramps for the low-income and disabled in Dallas County and southern Collin County. The Office of Senior Affairs accepts ramp installation intake calls/applications for the Texas Ramp Project.

Contact: (214) 670-5227

Operation WaterShare

Provides assistance with Dallas Water Utilities to persons aged 60 and older facing financial hardships due to water leaks or other difficult circumstances.

Contact: (214) 670-5227 

Senior Affairs Commission

The Senior Affairs Commission is a 15-member advisory board appointed by the Mayor and City Council to help ensure the provision of services to the elderly.


From left: Carmen Arana (D1), Myrtis Evans (D4), Debbie Austin (D8), Marilyn Daniels (D6), J. Peter Kline (D13), Jan Hart Black (Chair), Irwin “Bill” Gart (Vice Chair, D11), Cannon Flowers (D7), Verna Mitchell (D3) and Beverly Parson White (D9). Not shown: Ja’net Huling (D5), Jeri Baker (D10), Zelene Lovitt (D12) and Sara Wick (D14).

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