Court & Detention Services

You have 21 days from when the citation was issued to appear. You may make your appearance online, by mail, by telephone, and in person. Live Chat and email do not satisfy an appearance. If you fail to make your appearance within the 21 days, you are subject to added fines, fees, and possible warrants for your arrest. Civil citations have 31 days to appear. If you are unsure which type of citation you received, you can contact the Court before the 21 days expires to verify.

Self-Help Resources

Representing Yourself in Court:

Below are several sources of information for persons who do not have a lawyer.  The information is not legal advice and does not take the place of talking to a lawyer. 

Texas Law Help - Information about different areas of the law for people who are handling their own simple civil legal matters.  It also has a Chat service that allows the user to chat with someone who can help. (Click Here)

Texas Court Help - Videos and other information in English and Spanish about going through the court system, including information about how to find a lawyer, where to find forms, and how to get ready to go to court. (Click Here)

Texas State Law Library Consumer & Self-Help Information - The State Law Library web site has Self-Help (Click Here) information, forms, and links.  Its Ask a Librarian (Click Here) feature allows users to get legal information from a librarian by email. 

Finding an Attorney:

Refer persons to the State Bar of Texas Lawyer Referral & Information Service (LRIS). This is a free service provided by the State Bar of Texas to help people find an attorney. (Click Here)

Dallas Bar Association = (Click Here)

To review citation(s), status, or balances (Click Here). Example: (C12123456 Do not enter the dash) (Warrants will appear in red)