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Please join staff from Housing, Economic Development, Planning and Urban Design, and Procurement on February 2 at 11 AM for the 1000-Unit Challenge RFP Pre-Submission meeting. 

In July of 2020, City Council Issued a memo titled 'Mixed-Income Housing Challenge for TODs for Post-Covid-19 Economic Development Recovery Efforts'. As such, an interdepartmental effort is underway to identify strong development partners capable of bringing transit-oriented development options to the Dallas housing market.    

To view the RFP, click here.

To join the pre-submission meeting (February 2 at 11 AM), click here.

Housing Task Force Update Email header


Please join us for a virtual meeting of the Housing Policy Task Force on Thursday, February 11, from 2 - 4 p.m. 

Please RSVP to housingpolicy@dallascityhall.com. We'll send you a WebEx link, and you can attend from your computer, tablet, or smartphone.

We have several proposed changes to discuss with you and gather your input as we develop the proposed language.

Proposed changes to the mixed-income housing development bonus

Staff is beginning to develop additional options for developers who want to take advantage of the mixed-income housing development bonus (which allows additional development rights in exchange for providing affordable units). The proposed changes would allow a developer to build the units off-site, donate land in lieu of development, partner with a non-profit to develop the units, or pay a fee into the housing trust fund to allow the money to be used for gap financing of other mixed-income developments. We seek your input on how to ensure that if this menu of options goes forward, we continue to build mixed-income housing everywhere in the City and we move forward equitably.


Proposed change to Chapter 20A-4.1

This portion of our fair housing ordinance was amended in 2016 to require multifamily developers who receive funding from the City to set aside 10% of their units and lease them ONLY to voucher holders. Since this change, zero developers have used TIF funding, which means that we are missing out on hundreds of mixed-income units. Staff proposes to change this ordinance to require developers not to discriminate against voucher holders. We seek your input to gather additional feedback on removing the requirement while strengthening the non-discrimination language, adding additional marketing requirements, and ensuring that more units are available to voucher holders throughout the City.

Equity Audit of the Comprehensive Housing Policy


HHS Chairman Casey Thomas, II has asked the Department to conduct an Equity Audit of the Comprehensive Housing Policy. We invite you to join us at this next HPTF meeting to offer your thoughts on this topic. This feedback will influence how we approach a consultant for the audit.

Two Important Changes to the 'New Construction and Substantial Rehabilitation' section of the CHP Recommended to Boost Development of Quality Affordable Housing

In August of 2020, the Department of Housing and Neighborhood Revitalization released a standing NOFA to allow developers and affordable housing providers an opportunity to submit development proposals year-round. Doing so allows the City to partner with a wide variety of developers to develop much-needed housing options for Dallas residents. The standing NOFA aggregates both Federal and non-Federal sources of funding. Projects meeting the requirements outlined in the NOFA are subsequently scored, underwritten, and submitted to Council Committee for approval. As the pipeline of viable projects has steadily accumulated, the Comprehensive Housing Policy must remain responsive to the affordable development community. As such, Housing staff requests Housing Policy Task Force input regarding changes designed to: 1) maximize the amount of funding the City can leverage for impactful affordable housing projects, and 2) support multiple affordable housing types in a financially sustainable manner. Please click here to view the proposed changes.  


Please send an email to housingpolicy@dallascityhall.com no later than Wednesday, February 10 at midnight to reserve your spot and receive a link to the meeting. 


For more information please contact housingpolicy@dallascityhall.com