Welcome to Workday

Workday Home Page Is Being Updated!

On March 12, 2022, the City of Dallas Workday homepage is being updated to improve the user experience. The main change City of Dallas employees will notice is the home page will look slightly different. Watch this quick 4-minute video here to learn more about the upcoming home page changes.

Dallas is Working In Workday​

If you want to find it, look for it in Workday!

Why Workday?

  • Provides real-time reporting and dashboards for better decision making.
  • Improves processes and workflows with a lot less paper!
  • Simplifies the manager, employee, and HR experience providing you the tools you need to be successful at the City
  • Improves transparency.

What will be different?

Workday is a centralized Human Resources and Payroll system that will be your go-to resource for all of your employee information in one place. The benefits will be substantial, as Workday will allow the utilization of technology to inform, empower, and support employees. Today's paper forms become tomorrow's automated business processes! 

Workday is convenient and easy to use on different devices, including your smartphone, tablet, laptop or work computer.    

What will be the same?

  • Day-to-day work will not change, we are just using a new tool!
  • Kronos time clock users will continue entering time as they do today
  • Time off will still require manager approval

What are the benefits?

Simplification, less forms to fill out, more automation, such as:
  • Manage your career
  • View your pay slip, W2 and benefit selections
  • Change your emergency contacts and update your home address
  • Enroll in benefits and make benefit selections 
  • Change your tax withholding and direct deposit information
  • Request time off
  • Navigate the City's organization charts

Key Features

You will be able to manage all employee functions from your Workday homepage:

App icons at go_live.JPG