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​About Workday


The City of Dallas is implementing Workday to consolidate and streamline HR and Payroll into one system.  The benefits will be substantial, as Workday will allow the utilization of technology to inform, empower, and support employees.  Today's paper forms become tomorrow's business processes. 

Key Changes and Features

The new HCM/Payroll system will include HR, Absence Management, Benefits, Compensation, Performance and Talent Management, Recruiting and Onboarding, Payroll, and Time Tracking. All employees will use Workday absence management and other self-service activities such as updating their personal information and add/update direct deposit information.

Working in Workday engages all employees at every level.
...manage your personal and career information all in one place - at anytime,from anywhere...
...no more circulating paper seeking approvals...automation is the key...
...manage your tasks and time efficiently...
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