​Frequently Asked Questions

Many of your questions concerning the Judiciary can be answered on this page. You may obtain additional information from Court and Detention Services at (214) 670-0109.

I have a warrant for my arrest. With whom do I need to speak?​

The Customer Service Representatives will be able to assist you explaining your options regarding any warrants issued for City of Dallas tickets. They can be reached at (214)670-0109.

I filed a Motion for Continuance and it has been denied by the Judge. Can I speak to the Judge regarding this matter?

A Judge cannot ethically speak to one party without the other party present. In most cases, once the Motions have been ruled on, the Judge will not reconsider. You have the following options available: 1) you can pay the fine;  2) you can post a bond usually in the amount of the fine; or 3) you may walk in to one of the Proof or Plea Courts available daily to speak with a prosecutor and the Judge. If you choose to post a bond, once the bond is posted, a new court date will be set.

I would like to dismiss the charges of assault and the Prosecutor’s Office will not let me drop the charges?

You are a witness in the State’s case. You are not a party. The prosecutor represents the State. The prosecutor must make a motion to dismiss.

I was placed on part-pay or Work Release and for some reason I defaulted on the agreement. How can I get back on the plan?

Pursuant to a Judge’s order part-pay/Work Release are administered by Court and Detention Services. By defaulting, you have violated a Judge’s order. You can call (214) 670-0109 to obtain an explanation of your options.

Can you tell me what time and date is my Court setting?

You can obtain this information from Court and Detention Services at (214) 670-0109.

Do I have to pay for parking at 2014 Main Street, 106 S. Harwood or 111 W. Commerce?

Yes, there is paid parking provided by independent owners not affiliated with the City of Dallas.

I have a court date today, can I come in and pay my ticket before my court appearance?


How can I receive credit for time served?

If your court date has not already passed, you will need to appear at your scheduled court date with proof of incarceration. If your court date has already passed, you will need to provide proof of incarceration and appear in the Proof or Plea Court.

My deadline has passed to complete, return certificate, or obtain driver’s record from the Department of Public Safety for the Driver’s Safety Course. What do I need to do?

You can pay your fine or appear at the scheduled show cause hearing where a Judge will decide the case.  In addition, any day of the week you may request to be placed on the Proof or Plea Docket at the Municipal Clerk Cashier window to speak with a Prosecutor and Judge.

Someone has received a ticket in my name, how can I get this corrected?

You will need to appear at the Court Services Department, 2014 Main Street, Room 100, Window #100, Dallas, Texas, (Phone: (214) 670-0109). The Customer Service Representative will then take the necessary steps to rectify the situation.

How do I obtain an extension to pay the fine in a criminal case?​

A request for an extension of time to pay a fine (or time payment) can be made in the Proof or Plea Court within the first 21 days after a person receives a citation. If the case is set for either a pre-trial hearing or for trial, time payment requests can be made on the scheduled court date to the respective Judge. If the case is warrant status, the request can be made in the Proof or Plea Court. ​​.

I need information regarding a county, federal, or Department of Public Safety Office.

Dallas County Information is (214) 653-7011

Federal Information is 1-800-688-9889

Department of Public Safety (214) 553-0033

I received a letter from the Department of Public Safety regarding the suspension of my driver’s license. How can I get this corrected?

You will need to contact the local DPS office for further information.

I am planning on getting married. Can one of the Municipal Judges perform the services?

Municipal Judges can perform wedding ceremonies. You can contact the City of Dallas Municipal Judges’ Office at (214) 671-9901.