Office of Community Police Oversight

​Office of Community Police Oversight


The mission of the Office of Community Police Oversight (OCPO) is to ensure citizen complaints are reviewed impartially to enhance the transparency and trust between the City of Dallas, the Dallas Police Department and the community. To help ensure this accountability, the OCPO will provide functional support and technical assistance to the Community Police Oversight Board (CPOB), formerly known as the Civilian Review Board.


The OCPO will be staffed by a monitor and administrative support staff who will report directly to the City Manager. The monitor will be responsible for performing the following duties:

  • Provide operative support to the CPOB
  • Provide reports to the City Manager to support CPOB
  • Conduct investigations as directed by CPOB
  • Receive external citizen complaints
  • Recommend external complaints for mediation, Internal Affairs investigation or Divisional investigations
  • Monitor external Internal Affairs conducted investigations
  • Provide timely updates to CPOB at the conclusion of an external and administrative investigation

Community Police Oversight Board Rules of Procedure

Board Rules of Procedure.pdf

Making a Complaint

A complaint against a police officer for misconduct may be made in one of several ways:

  • Submit a Citizen complaint electronically to the OCPO
  • Appear in person at the Office of Community Police Oversight
  • Complete a complaint form at the Dallas Police Department’s Internal Affairs Division
  • Go to any of the seven police stations in the City of Dallas and complete a complaint form
  • Print a Citizen's Complaint form and return it by one of the following ways:

    • E-Mail: Office of Community Police Oversight
    • Mail it to the Office of Community Police Oversight
    • Deliver it to the Office of Community Police Oversight, Dallas Police Department Internal Affairs Division, or any City of Dallas police station