Equity Division

​Equity Division

The City of Dallas Equity Division works to shape a city government and Dallas where everyone thrives. The Office of Equity works internally and externally to:
  • Provide professional development, technical assistance and education;
  • Analyze policy and procedures; and
  • Build robust community collaborations.

Equity means that each person has the resources and services necessary to thrive in each person’s own unique identities, circumstances and histories. Equity also means reducing disparities while improving outcomes for all. Racial Equity occurs when people are thriving and race cannot be used to predict outcomes.

Equity differs from equality in that it accounts for people’s unique identities, circumstances and histories as well as different experiences with systems and institutions.

2019 Dallas Equity Indicators Report

Dallas Equality Indicators Report

The Dallas Equity Indicators project is a collaboration of the City of Dallas, the City University of New York’s Institute for State and Local Governance, and the Center for Public Policy Priorities. It is a tool to help Dallas measure disparities and advance equity in our community. The indicators are designed to measure disparities in outcomes across five thematic areas: Economic Opportunity, Education, Neighborhoods and Infrastructure, Justice and Government, and Public Health. The findings can be used by residents, businesses, educators, nonprofit leaders, public health and local government administrators, and elected officials to focus public policy efforts on improving outcomes for all residents.

Download 2019 Dallas Equity Indicators Report

City of Dallas Undesign the Redline.png

Displayed in the City Hall Lobby from October to January 2020, the City of Dallas Undesign the Redline Exhibit is the local version of a national traveling art and design exhibit that explores the history of redlining and segregation as well as community narratives and strategies for contemporary equity.  designing  the WE, a New York-based design studio, co-created the exhibit with the Office of Equity and a Dallas-based community advisory board that the Office of Equity assembled to localize the exhibit.  The City of Dallas Office of Fair Housing and Human Rights is also a sponsor of the exhibit.