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    The State of Texas declared anyone can purchase certain emergency preparedness supplies tax free anywhere supplies are sold during the 2021 Emergency Preparedness Supplies Tax Free Holiday. This year's holiday begins at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, April 24, and ends at midnight on Monday, April 26. There is no limit on the number of qualifying items you can purchase, and you do not need to issue an exemption certificate to claim the exemption.

    Online purchases and telephone orders:

    In accordance to Safer at Home orders, the Texas Comptroller’s office wants everyone to know that during the Emergency Preparation Supplies Sales Tax Holiday, the sale of emergency preparation supplies purchased online or by telephone, mail, custom order, or any other means other than in person qualifies for sales tax exemption when either:

    • the item is both delivered to, and paid for, by the customer during the exemption period; or
    • the customer orders and pays for the item and the retailer accepts the order during the exemption period for immediate shipment, even if delivery is made after the exemption period.
    A retailer accepts an order when the retailer has acted to fill the order for immediate shipment.

    An order is for immediate shipment regardless of whether the shipment is delayed due to a backlog of orders, or because stock is currently unavailable to, or on back order by, the retailer.

    Follow all CDC, State, and County guidelines for any in-person purchases.

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    These emergency preparation supplies qualify for tax exemption if purchased for a price:

                 Less than $3000

    o       ​   ​   Portable generators

                 Less than $300

    o             Hurricane shutters

    o             Emergency ladders

                 Less than $75

    o             Batteries, single or multipack (AAA cell, AA cell, C cell, D cell, 6 volt or 9 volt)

    o             First aid kits

    o             Fuel containers

    o             Ground anchor systems and tie-down kits

    o             Hatchets

    o             Axes

    o             Mobile telephone batteries and mobile telephone chargers

    o             Nonelectric coolers and ice chests for food storage

    o             Nonelectric can openers

    o             Portable self-powered light sources (hand cranked flashlights)

    o             Portable self-powered radios, including two-way and weather 

    ​​​band ​radios

    o             Reusable and artificial ice products

    o             Smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and carbon monoxide detectors

    o             Tarps and other plastic sheeting

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    These supplies do not qualify for tax exemption:

    •           ​ Batteries for automobiles, boats and other motorized vehicles

    •             Camping stoves

    •             Camping supplies

    •             Chainsaws

    •             Plywood

    •             Extension ladders

    •             Stepladders

    •             Tents

    •             Repair or replacement parts for emergency preparation supplies

    •             Services performed on, or related to, emergency preparation supplies


    With severe weather season in full swing, the time to be prepared is NOW. Make sure you're ready. Learn more about preparedness on our Get Prepared Tab. Check out our Community Preparedness Program and learn more today.