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    ​​​Get Prepared

    Disasters occur with little or no warning. Being prepared is vital for staying safe and weathering any emergency. Having a kit, making a plan, and being informed helps keep you, your family, and your neighborhood safe when disaster strikes.


    Healthcare facilities check out our CMS Preparedness Rules page for more information.

    Get prepared is to become a Disaster Prepared​ Resident  by participating in our Disaster Preparedness Program​.

    Talk with your family about what to do in an emergency. Know who to call in case you're not together and where to meet if separated. Have enough supplies for each person for three days (including your pets!) should you need to stay in your home until the danger passes or assistance arrives.


    We have tools to help you build your kit, make your plan, and be informed. Get started now so you can be ready no matter what happens.​

    One simple tool is a family communication plan. This handout lets you quickly put a plan together to keep in touch with family when an emergency - like severe weather strikes.

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